Critical Reading- Tyson Still

00:05/1:54 I knew that if I didn’t get a transplant in time, my life was running out very rapidly

This claim can be made so that the viewer listening to the video can feel for the speaker knowing that he is a survivor.

His words to say his life “was running out very rapidly”, is to show how serious the case was and that the transplant was needed as soon as possible.

00:13/1:54 Should organ donation be compulsory?

The words in this scene makes the listener think to themselves of the issue that is being viewed. The question leaves a wonder in the mind of the listener of what should be done in this situation.

00:17/1:54 My name is Oli Lewington and three years ago I received a double lung transplant.

Giving the listener a mental picture that not only were you having lung problems, but you had to have both of your lungs replaced in order to live, leaves them in shock that anything can happen to someone, but it doesn’t mean you cant get through it.

00:22/1:54 And I don’t believe organ donation should be compulsory! I suffered from cystic fibrosis, which destroyed my lungs to a point where the doctors believed I only had about two years left to live.

Adding this statement gives him the support he needs. Only having 2 years to live and then he survives is a great story to tell about how your life is still going. He makes the listener watch in awe and want to hear more about his survival.

00:37/1:54 Cystic fibrosis clogs the lungs and digestive system and causes difficulty breathing.

Describing what he was diagnosed with gives more meaning to his problem. Now people can understand why he needed the transplant.

00:38/1:54 When I was put on the transplant list, it was explained to me that

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Doesn’t seem quite complete.
    Grade Recorded.

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