Reflective- Tyson Still

At the beginning of this course I noticed that my writing abilities weren’t as good as I thought. I was having a great amount of problems regarding my grammar and my sentence structure. This course has required and challenged me to become a better writer as well as a better reader.

Composition 2 has been quite an experience, and while going through this course I have been required to address core values of the course.  Core value III states “Understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning.” To me what this means basically is to understand that reading and writing is very important in the world we live in. Knowing how what you are reading has a meaning to it and that the author wants you to look at it from their point of view. Also, core value 3 wants you to recognize that you are writing for a purpose as well as understanding that good writers understand that writing and reading has a process that allows you to understand the meaning of what is being said. For example, when writers write an argument essay they state their position and also use information and persuasion to get their meaning across. So understanding that the text we use has a specific meaning and point that we need to recognize and understand, if not our reason for reading or writing is useless.

The next core value is number V which states, “Understand the role and use of information in writing.” I believe this is to understand why research is needed in writing and how it should be used correctly. My research paper is a great example of using information and understanding why I am using this information. My topic for my research paper was to prove that kids living in a fatherless home leads to joining gangs. Research for percentages, rates and other things of that nature was definitely needed to try and prove my theory. You have to be able to prove that whatever you say is true. Also you have to make sure you prove that your information is correct. Anyone can put statements into their writings and say someone said it, but that is where your works cited comes in. This shows that you can actually incorporate information from someone else into your writing and it can be proven. Core value III can also tie into this as well because you have to understand the information you are reading, you cannot just put things in your writing that has no effect on your topic.

Core value VII states, “Understand the power and ethical responsibility that comes with the creation of written discourse. This to me is the most important thing to understand as a writer, the effect and power you have in your words and how it affects the reader. I want my readers to understand everything about my piece of writing, starting from the information I use from other writers up to the information I am using from my own knowledge. Background information might be needed to make a clear point on what you want your reader to understand. Another thing that can tie into this value is understanding the view points of others. In my research paper some people might have clear reasons why fatherless homes might not lead teens into gangs and I have to be responsible enough to understand their point of view as well as being responsible enough to know how to take what they’re saying and have a counter argument to prove my theory. This core value should be taken into consideration in every piece of writing because no matter what your topic is there can always be a counter argument to that, so for you to incorporate others information into your writing and try to get your audience to understand everything, your work has to be effective and your words must be powerful and accurate on your topic.

Reviewing how I progressed over this course, I can say that overall this made me a better writer and reader. I now understand the important elements regarding what it takes to create a good paper and to understand the meaning of a writers purpose for writing. The assignments that were given challenged us to be better in every field that composition 2 had to offer.

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3 Responses to Reflective- Tyson Still

  1. davidbdale says:

    That sounded sincere, Tyson, and I trust that it was. I’ve seen considerable improvement in your work and a growing awareness that writing well is both worthwhile and more difficult than just putting your thoughts on paper as they occur to you.

    I’ve enjoyed our time together, particularly the conversations we had about your research topic.

    • stillt27 says:

      Yes, I have enjoyed our time together as well. One last thing I ask of you quickly is, is there a specific order of how you want our porfolio to be in? Also, how do we put all the papers into one assignment?

      • davidbdale says:

        Order is unimportant, Tyson. Just be sure to move everything into the Portfolio category. Separate posts is fine; they don’t need to be put together into a single assignment.

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