Visual Argument- Tyson Still

The article i chose to talk about is Texting and Driving Prevention

My thoughts:

The commercial opens up with 2 girls close to the camera, but the main focus is on a girl in a pink shirt, blue jeans, and hair in a ponytail texting on her cell phone about to walk up a flight of stairs. She seems to be in a high school or could be in a college. Her age could range from 18 to 23.

In the same camera shot as she is beginning to walk up the stairs, still texting on her cell phone, she then trips and falls on the stairs dropping her papers and her cell phone. At first it seems as if she is going to lay there in a shocked moment, butout of embarassment she tries to hurry and grab her phone and papers before help comes to see if she is okay. While doing so the camera shows the girl who was in the picture the whole time close to the cammera and another female walking up the steps about to go help her. Then it seems right as they get there she tells the one girl something, which I’m assuming she is saying she is okay.

The next shot that comes up is an emphasized message which says “NOT EVERYONE SHOULD TEXT AND WALK”. This message shows that yes texting and walking can be dangerous if you’re not careful, but it isn’t dangerous for all. It says not everyone should text and walk which is like saying yes texting and walking is for some people, but not everyone is good at it.

Next scene is a close up on a girl’s cell phone, and as she is driving in a jeep with a guy in the passenger seat and another girl and uy in the back seat. While driving the guy in the passenger seat is talking to the ones in the back seat. The driver who is young aged, late teens to early twenties, is texting rapidly and not paying attention to the road completely. she takes two quick glances at the road while still texting.

The next big part in this seen is while she is texting she must have received a message because as the camera shows her texting to someone, she smiles in the middle of her texting which indicates someone texted her also. This message that must of came to her phone, gave her An extra couple of seconds of looking down at the phone trying to read the message.

In the ending of this scene, she finally looks up for a third time which by then it seems to be to late as the camera gets a shot of a mo9ther and her young daughter walking a cross the street. Te girl that is driving seems as if she is about to run the stop sign, that is in big while letters in the street. As the camera zooms out to show a picture of the whole set up of the jeep, the street, and the mother and daughter, the driver slams on her breaks as the scene cuts out. This indicates that the driver must of hit the mother and daughter which is prooving her careless driving and lack of attention on the road.

The next seen then says ” No One Should Text And Drive”. Then is goes on to say “Stop The Texts Stop The Wrecks”. This is indicating a comparison between the message before that one and this one. How it is basically saying that texting and walking is okay for some people but not all is skilled enough to do it, but no one is really skilled enough to text and drive.

In this scene no one in the car was paying attention thats why the accident happened. Even if the passengers were more responsible to tell the driver to stop texting or helped her look out for the road the accident could have been prevented. The girl obviously isn’t skilled enough to drive and text and from the start she put herself and the others in danger.

The ad is very effective in sending this message of texting a driving preventions. In the overview it says “A texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into a crash than a non-texting driver.” This is a great message to pass along becaus enot many people see the danger in texting iand driving. The feel as though if they keep glancing up at the road they will be okay, but the problem is anything can happen in a split second when someone is driving.

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1 Response to Visual Argument- Tyson Still

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice work, Tyson. You’ve described the scenes and their implications well. Your writing is marred by pervasive grammar problems, which is a shame because you’re starting to write more responsively as the semester proceeds and it would be wonderful if your grammar improved along with your content. I’m always willing to help if you make time for it.
    Provisional grade recorded.

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