Sources 11-15: Tyson Still

11.  Gang members with mothers only  August 25th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks

With this article, I feel that I can provide evidence shoowing that most of the gang members live without a positive male role model, meaning the only live with mother only. With the percentages on this page, I think it can be proven that single mothered homes leads teens into joining gangs.

12. Why teens need to accept that they have no father figure Tiki33 in Issues, March 10, 2012

This article basically sums up why children in gangs just need to accept the fact that they have no father figure and decide not to let it lead them into joining gangs.

13. Effects of joining gangs eHow Contributor April 12, 2012

Using this article will help me to explain better of why teens joining gangs is hurting the society we live in.This article gets into detail about the history and reason most teens join gangs, starting with and emotional point of view.

14. Percentages MARK MATHER, PH.D. MAY 2010

this article brings great evidence to compare to teens that live only with a mother. It will compare them to teens who are not in gangs and teens who are in gangs. It helps me provide specific evidence to my theory, and gives me examples to help explain why i take a specific side on this.

15. Info on gangs

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1 Response to Sources 11-15: Tyson Still

  1. davidbdale says:

    Most of your links didn’t take me anywhere at all, Tyson, but the one that did, 11, wasn’t anywhere near an original source. It only referenced a newspaper and didn’t even help me find the original when I wanted it. This is not the essence of academic research.
    Grade Recorded.


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