Annotated Bibliography- Tyson Still

For my research paper I will be trying to prove that teens who grow up without a father figure or positive male role model are more likely to join gangs. Not that I am arguing that other factors don’t lead kids into gangs, but the lack of a father figure does as well. This is what my research will be proving.

1.Understanding why people join gangs.

In this article it gives specific reasons why some teens might join a gang. Not only does it tell about family problems but it goes into deeper detail giving reasons of why they might join such as money issues or even peer pressure.

I intend to use this article to better give the other side of my story as of why teens join gangs which does not include broken households or negative childhoods. I also like to use this article to possibly refute an argument that i might find telling that some of the reasons teens join gangs are not accurate.

2.What do gangs provide?

In this article what gangs are and why they are normally formed is explained clearly.It starts by telling that gangs are an alternate family to teens which is why they join. It also gives definitions why the leader of gangs get the up-most respect and why these certain teens need that certain love from its members in the gang. It stresses the fact that gangs provide a sense of belonging as well as protection.

I really like this article because it goes so deep into what the gangs do for its members and how teens really rely on the gangs to make it through life. I plan on using this information to better support that my argument of broken homes lead to gang joining by teens.

3.Why are gangs attractive?

This article shows and explains the significance of why gangs are so appealing to people. Location is also explained as a big part in here as well. It gives more of a general look at why and not a inside detailed look. It tells about the wanting feeling of love, but also the fear and race factor communities have giving an impact of teens lives causing them to join as well.

I intend on using this article to back up my thesis on teens joining gangs because of a bad childhood. This article with quotes from teens on whether they had a bad childhood or not should be great information in this essay.

4.Different perspectives

In this article that I found using the academic search premier, it gives a great deal of information on why youth or teens join gangs. But it more so gives the background information on gangs such as what they do, different reasons why they do crimes, and as well as what can they do to prevent teens from joining gangs.

I definitely intend on using this article to show reasons why they join gangs but to tell how the government looks to stop youth from joining but it hasn’t really worked yet. This article is full of different information that can be included in this essay and it all is very useful.

5. Gang affiliation

The article I found by using the academic search premier is about the connection between bad neighborhoods and gang affiliation. Its talking about the way gangs come to neighborhoods to recruit kids who basically lives a criminal life or who has been given jail time. It gives a lot of information about different characteristics of neighborhoods and how they have the qualities for a specific gang to come and try to recruit.


This article provides great detail in which tells that children with out a father figure in their life is the root of recruitment for gangs. It also quotes a statement from the Rev. Leon Kelly which states, “Moms are grieving because they feel like they’ve lost their kids to this [gang] behavior.”

7. London Riots

I like to use this article because it shows that this issue is worldwide rather than just in the United States. Out in London there has been riots and this article talks about it and also about how many gang members are growing up without a father.

8. No father no sense of belonging

In this article, it basically gives quotes a relative facts about children who have turned to gangs at a younger age then normal. Kids are not even starting at a teen age now they are getting as low as age 9 joining gangs.

9. What is the leading cause?

The explanation of this article is to tell what the leading cause of kids living the life of a gang member. Its said that divorced families have children joining gangs more often then families where the father just leaves. I like this article because it is very detailed and precise of the information it gives.

10. Percentage of men without a father

This article gives specific details and percentages of young men growing up without a father. Also is gives examples of the types of crimes they are drawn to without a father. I like this article because it has much more issues detailed out to give readers a clear image of why teens are joining gangs.

11.  Gang members with mothers only  August 25th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks

With this article, I feel that I can provide evidence shoowing that most of the gang members live without a positive male role model, meaning the only live with mother only. With the percentages on this page, I think it can be proven that single mothered homes leads teens into joining gangs.

12. Why teens need to accept that they have no father figure Tiki33 in Issues, March 10, 2012

This article basically sums up why children in gangs just need to accept the fact that they have no father figure and decide not to let it lead them into joining gangs.

13. Effects of joining gangs eHow Contributor April 12, 2012

Using this article will help me to explain better of why teens joining gangs is hurting the society we live in.This article gets into detail about the history and reason most teens join gangs, starting with and emotional point of view.

14. Percentages MARK MATHER, PH.D. MAY 2010

this article brings great evidence to compare to teens that live only with a mother. It will compare them to teens who are not in gangs and teens who are in gangs. It helps me provide specific evidence to my theory, and gives me examples to help explain why i take a specific side on this.

15. Info on gangs

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