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There are three former presidents, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush standing in a triangle shape: one on the top middle, 2 on the bottom left and right in a white theater lined with American Flags and many benches on a slightly cloudy but sunny day. Behind the three presidents is an all white theatre with rows of benches lined like church pews. All three are wearing jackets suggesting they are outside in the cold shooting this ad.

In the background, there is a person walking by over Clinton’s left shoulder who is most likely not supposed to be there as anybody watching this ad will divert their attention to the man in the background rather than the three speakers as the focus of the video.


Close up on Bill Clinton addressing the public. In the background there are more American Flags hanging from individual rafters between stone white pillars. There is also a shot of President Bush looking away from camera focusing on something else as well as President Clinton seemingly doing the same.

President Bush behind Clinton seems to be slightly smiling which is not helpful to the targeted tone of the video which would be serious and intense. In the background, the flags continue to waive in the rafters between pillars.


Camera goes back out wide into the shot of the three former presidents all standing six feet apart in the glowing white theater lined with American Flags and a stage in the background. The man previously seen in the background at 0:01 is no longer there which places total emphasis on the three presidents.

George Bush is swaying back and forth almost as if suggesting he wants to get this over with. Does not help the overall feel of the topic being very important and the message being urgent.


Close up on Barack Obama wearing a black trench coat over his black suit. The background consists of a blurred vision of the surrounding area outside the theater being trees as well as little glimpses of a few of the flags and 6 pillars behind him.

Obama’s facial expression is stone cold which helps the overall theme of the video being very serious and important.


Camera pans back out to the shot of the three former presidents in their triangle. There is motion of the three big flags behind the center of the stage suggesting there is a breeze blowing outside as they speak. There is also more of a shadow cover along the benches suggesting the day has passed a bit more from the start.


Close up on George Bush addressing the public looking away from the close up camera. Background consists of three of the white stone pillars and many tree branches from the surround wooded area. The pillars as well as President Bush are more shaded than in previous shots as the sun either goes down further or disappears behind a cloud.

There are trees surrounding the theater suggesting this building is located in the wilderness perhaps outside of the nations capital as there are three former presidents in the same place.


Camera pans back out to the shot of the three presidents. Many of the flags are now whipping in the wind suggesting a very windy day. Theater is more shaded than in previous shots as the clouds also grow bigger in the sky above the three former presidents offering more of a serious feel to the ad.

Obama and Clinton have smiles on their faces perhaps suggesting that these vaccines are good, however it does not exactly fit the theme of the video being important and serious.


Close up on Bill Clinton, same as his previous close up, however the flags have gotten shorter due to the wind wrapping them up more. President Bush remains in the background looking away from the close up camera with a prestigious smile on his face suggesting happiness in the search for a potential solution to the problem at hand.

Bush is still smiling in the background of Clinton, not ideal for overall feel and tone of the ad.


Camera pans back out to the shot of the three presidents in the white theater. Flags continue to whip in the wind behind them as the theater becomes increasingly more shaded as the day and clouds continue to pass.


Close up on George Bush addressing the public cam, not the close up cam. View of the wooded area surrounding the theater becomes increasing more clear as well as the three white pillars revealed in the shot.


Shot quickly alternates to Barack Obama with a passionate and determined look on his face as if trying to convince someone to do something. The bright sunshine reappears behind him and shines on the wooded area and pillars behind him. The new appearance of sunshine could almost represent the dawn of a new day.


Camera one again pans back out to the three former presidents in their 6 feet apart triangle with Bush at the head. Flags continue to whip in their rafters and the wind. Bottom half of the theater and pillars is engulfed in sunlight whereas the top of the theater is still covered with a shadow. The three flags behind the center of the stage are now calm and straight again.

0:27 – 0:30

Screen fades to an all black background with a drawing of a band-aid in all white with the words “It’s up to you COVID-19 vaccination” written in all caps inside the band-aid. Below the illustration and writing of the band-aid there is a link to the site for people to get the latest information about COVID-19 vaccines telling. This last shot serves as a call to action for the general American public to act and get their vaccines and do their part to stop the spread and help eliminate the threat of COVID.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite – carsonwentz1186

  1. davidbdale says:

    There are three former presidents, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush standing in a triangle shape: one on the top middle, 2 on the bottom left and right in a white theater lined with American Flags and many benches on a slightly cloudy but sunny day.

    Judging from how little you say about this first second of video, CW, I conclude that you have left out some significant details that would contribute to a thorough analysis of the Visual Rhetoric of this argument. I won’t watch the whole video, but I will offer my reactions to 0:01.

    When the video begins, we see three former presidents on screen standing outdoors in cold weather. They’re all facing forward, bareheaded, and dressed in suits, ties, and black overcoats, with their hands in their pockets. The two Democrats, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, are positioned left and right on the screen; George W Bush is in the center, standing a few feet behind the others. Oddly, they all have their hands in their pockets, perhaps because of the cold.

    The outdoor setting is very dramatic and theatrical. There is no roof to the structure, which resembles an open-air theatre or church under a bright blue sky full of white clouds. White stone benches without backs are set in rows like church pews. At the front of the church/theater is a raised altar/stage backed by a cove topped with a half-dome. Stone pillars reminiscent of the Capitol and the White House extend both left and right from the altar, and between the pillars are hung American flags, so the backdrop sends messages of government, theater, and faith.

    Both Bush and Obama are wearing what we assume are American flag lapel pins. Clinton probably is too, but his black scarf obscures it if he is. Outdoor gatherings of former presidents are rare and historic. They don’t happen by accident, so this was probably shot during the January presidential inauguration, which all three are known to have attended. If that’s true, then it’s no accident they’re standing at least 6 feet apart and were filmed outdoors; they’re practicing responsible social distancing.

    Presidents of the two major parties indicate bi-partisanship. Whatever they have to tell us transcends differences between Republicans and Democrats. Still, there has to be some political content to the message. 3 presidents!

    The image is compelling and demands at least temporary attention. It’s artfully staged, so it’s well-planned and choreographed. Whatever your affiliation, you’ll give this video at least a few seconds of your time.

    Obama is half-smiling and seems comfortable looking into the camera. Clinton is not exactly making eye contact with us and looks, if anything, tired. We’re watching without sound, but we can tell from his lips and his swaying on his feet that Bush is making some remarks directly to us.

    (Oddly, someone walks by in the background between Clinton and Bush, stealing focus from the primary scene, so apparently the director was not given absolute authority to clear the space. She may also have wished for another “take” that would not include the passerby, but it’s not easy to keep three presidents on the set for long.)

    He probably should have stood more still during his opening remarks. When Bush sways, he looks a little goofy and undermines what, we imagine, will be a serious message.


  2. davidbdale says:

    This grade is killing your Portfolio average, CW. Revise and request a Regrade.


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