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Fatherhood Involvement | Ad Council

0:01 In the first second of this advertisement we see a plate that looks like it is dinner time in the house. Also, it looks like they are at home and in the kitchen eating and it looks like they stopped eating because the fork and knife is on the plate. On the other hand it looks like the person who ate just wiped their mouth with it because the napkin looks like it was just used. Even in the ad the source of light is putting it on the food because they wanted to show us that someone was in the middle of eating. The director may be trying to portray that there is someone eating dinner and because you can tell by the lighting that it is night by the video. Looks like he is in the kitchen because he is sitting at the kitchen table in the first second of the ad. Also, the father could be a businessman by the attire he is wearing because he’s wearing a tie and a suite shirt.

0:02 The father looks like he came back from work because his tie is down instead of near his neck if he were going to work in the morning.

0:03 – 0:05 The picture shows that father is looking upstairs because he hears noise coming from upstairs. He seems to be concerned what the noise from upstairs is and if it’s either his son or daughter making some noise or a animal. Also, the father is looks to be continuing eating in this picture of the ad. He looks tired of a hard day at work and looks tired in this part in the ad. But he still looks concerned about the noise and is wondering if his son or daughter is alright with all the noise they are causing upstairs.

0:05 – 0:08 He looks like he is still wondering what that noise may be because it is catching attention. Then looks back upstairs because the noise may be very loud causing him to look more than on time. His eyes shows that he is worried about what is happening upstairs because the noise may be too loud that’s why he is a concerned father. The director may be showing there are no parents who don’t care about their kids and that they are concerned when something is wrong. That’s why parents know when are going through times because they always know what’s going on.

0:09 – 0:10 The father looks frustrated in the part in the ad and that he has to say something because their is a lot of noise happening upstairs it looks like. But, he looks not really happy because he isn’t happy with the noise that is happening upstairs. Then he looks upstairs a third time and so it seems like it must be a lot of noise because the father looked at upstairs three times during this video already.

0:11 – 0:12 Keeps on continuing to look upstairs and check what may be going on with his daughter or son upstairs. But, he still has that worried look in his eyes like something is going on that he might have to do something about. Also, you can tell he is in the kitchen because there is a refrigerator in the back of him when he is sitting down at the kitchen table. The director further shows us that the father is a concerned parent and truly cares for his son or his daughter.

0:13 – 0:15 This is the part where the father says “I love you” to show that he cares for his son or daughter updaters that is causing the noise. They want to show us the entire shot of where the father is so the audience can get a sense where he is in the house.

0:15 – 0:17 In this clip we see “never stop being a dad to all the other dad’s out there.

0:17 – 0:18 In this clip we see “never stop being a dad to all the other dad’s out there again.

0:19 – 0:20 In these frames we see “never stop being a dad to all the other dad’s out there again. Also, we see that the father is checking his phone on the kitchen table because it might be a text from his son or daughter from upstairs.

0:21 In this clip the father continues to look down at his phone to check what his son or daughter texted him.

0:22 – 0:23 This clip is showing the father looking at his phone and the text that he got from his son or daughter that says “Love you too.” He continues to look at the text that says “Love you too” and he maybe be wondering I made my son or daughter’s day. We can tell that it is night because of the time on the phone as well because it reads 7:44pm. Seems like the father has been texting the son or the daughter in the past several times to give her support and show that he is there for his son or daughter.

0:23 – 0:24 This clip is showing the father looking at his phone and the text that he got from his son or daughter that says “Love you too” again. Also, in this clip it shows that the father is happy because he made his son or his daughter’s day. We as the viewer have not seen this boy or the girl who was making the noise upstairs. He is in the kitchen as this may be the only place he has his own alone time. While we don’t see the girl or the boy that is causing the seems like he or she is upstairs in their room, and the lighting in the kitchen is blurred about now to show that the father is focusing is on something. The director may be wanting us to make the assumption that the father cares about the son or daughter who he got a text from.

0:25 – 0:37 This is just a black screen with white lettering saying “#Dadication”. Father involvement is important.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite – Christainty19

  1. davidbdale says:

    Christianity, because you did not request Feedback, I will provide you a quick provisional grade and about 15 minutes worth of time to suggest ways you should revise your work to improve that grade.

    The next step would be for you to respond to that feedback. Then make revisions to this post and request a Regrade. If you wish further feedback on this post, you will have to ask specific questions.


  2. davidbdale says:

    I won’t be watching the video for this first round of feedback. You’ll have to tell me EVERYTHING you see.

    1. Is it one person or several? You switch back and forth between them and he. How does the light indicate night and not early morning?
    2. What makes you think he’s hearing a noise? Couldn’t there be a drip forming in the ceiling? What’s your evidence? Who made dinner? Any idea? Why do you think someone upstairs is a son or daughter? Could it be a wife or girlfriend?
    3. Why “father”? How do you get the sense of LOUD? I do like that you’re mixing visual reports with an analysis of the Rhetoric of the scene, trying to decide what message the director is sending.
    4. It seems hard to believe that there’s nothing going on for 7 or 8 seconds except this man looking up at the ceiling three times. Is that really all?
    5. The refrigerator is a good clue to the kitchen, but how does the kitchen indicate he’s a caring parent?
    6. I don’t get it. Does the father mouth the words, “I love you?” Are you reading lips?
    7. How do we SEE “Never stop being a dad to all the other dads out there?
    8. and 20. I still don’t get it. Where does the quotation end? Is there a title on the screen? Are we looking at a phone? What is the actual text: “Never stop being a dad”?
    9. How do you know what he’s looking for on his phone?
    10. I NOW understand that when you said Dad said “I love you” you MEANT he texted it. So he was watching his phone hoping for a text in reply. That could have been clearer.
    11. We need to go back and decide whether the child left the table. Were she and Dad having an argument over dinner, he said something insensitive, she got upset and stormed upstairs, leaving Dad alone to finish dinner by himself? Can you piece the whole scene together for me, please, and then analyze how well the Author (the video Director) makes her case? How well do the visuals contribute to the overall mood, communicate the family dynamic, and drive home the point that Dad involvement is important?

    I’ve used up my time. See your grade on Canvas. Follow the procedure in the first Reply.


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