The universe- Justheretopass

I have always wondered and questioned, why does the universe exist? The christian in me says that God created everything from nothing. In the bible the first sentence was “God created the heavens and earth, the earth was a formless void..” However, the teen in me asks why? Why did he create the universe, what was his purpose and intentions for doing so? This also makes me question things like; If the sky is really blue, or is it only blue because we’ve been trained to believe that our whole lives? I have many unanswered questions pertaining to the universe.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I appreciate that you made revisions to your first draft, HereToPass. You’ve made some improvements, mostly by removing irrelevant material. But you still ask too many questions instead of answering them. Literally the majority of your sentences are questions. Your one clear claim is that God created the universe from nothing. Pursue that. Accept it as fact and then answer: why?

    For one week, if you make further edits HERE ON THE BLOG, you may request a re-grade by placing it into the Regrade Please category.


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