The Universe- person345

Why Does the Universe Exist?

We will never know why the universe exists. The universe could have been created due to the Big Bang coincidentally. There is also the possibility that God could have created the universe by questioning his existence. So, he created everything that has meaning. But besides the two most popular explanations, there could be many other theories that can show the purpose of creating the universe. Different cultures and religions around the world have their own tales as to why we exist. Since there are so many different explanations it is impossible to understand how life was created. Our whole existence is a mystery.

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1 Response to The Universe- person345

  1. davidbdale says:

    Person, I’m very happy to see you decided to revise your post following feedback. It was a good idea to start with the bold, clear claim that we can’t possibly ever answer the impossible question. But, after starting strong, you retreat into vagueness and repetition. The text highlighted in red (44 words out of your 100-word budget) say the same thing three times.

    This is better than your first draft, but you still wouldn’t want it in your Portfolio.

    For one week, if you make further edits HERE ON THE BLOG, you may request a re-grade by placing it into the Regrade Please category.


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