The Universe- honeysucklelilac

Quantum mechanics states that there is no such thing as empty space. It also tells us that nothing is unstable, and the jump from nothing to something was inevitable. There are particles that come into existence and can instantaneously fade back into nothingness. This proves that areas of space and time can form impulsively. We may not be able to witness these events, but we know they exist because of their effects. Something can come from nothing which begs the question, did the universe exist even before it was created? The universe exists because it was unavoidable for it to not come into existence.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Yeah, that’s more like it, Lilac. Starting with the thesis and developing it with details is far more successful than your draft approach. This is the most consistent argument I’ve seen so far and one of the most intriguing. I’m glad you decided to revise.

    For one week, if you make further edits HERE ON THE BLOG, you may request a re-grade by placing this post into the Regrade Please category.


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