The Universe- imgoingswimming

The question is why, how, and what created this universe? These three questions are almost unanswerable. Does this universe have a beginning, or have we just created this idea of a beginning? The universe has no reason for a start and no way it started so it must have always existed. When we look at what Einstein said we see time is based on one movement but without anything to compare movements to there is no speed and therefore no time. The universe exists for no reason and was never created as it has existed forever and always will exist.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Well, I jumped all over your case in my emailed feedback to you, Swimming. I mean with both feet! And you responded with a rewrite. I’m impressed. This is significantly better than your first draft.

    It still wanders, which seems surprising in just 100 words. And it takes three questions just to get started. It does, however, contain fascinating ideas for development. The notion that there is NO TIME makes the question of CREATION moot, doesn’t it? Something would have to have NOT EXISTED in the past and EXIST in the present to have COME TO BE. Fun. You’re making headway.

    For one week, if you make further edits HERE ON THE BLOG, you may request a re-grade by placing it into the Regrade Please category.


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