The Universe-RowanRat

Life as we know it is a product of an experiment by aliens. Their planet has been dying and they have no choice but to civilize elsewhere. They want to create a utopian society and in order to do so, they need to use humans as an example. For centuries, aliens have been analyzing human behaviors and patterns to determine what should be included on their new planet. Factors such as race, sex, and religion are all things to consider. These aliens aren’t green with antennas, however, they are just like humans. Only difference is they are smarter and stronger.

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1 Response to The Universe-RowanRat

  1. davidbdale says:

    I love the power of the central premise, but it doesn’t answer the actual question, which was not, “What good are humans?” but “Why does the universe exist?” You meet the requirements of the assignment by adopting a tone and a premise and staying true to them for 100 words. I sincerely wish you had made something more out of your conclusion, which whimpers. Why are those aliens smarter and stronger? you might have asked. And your devastating answer could have been, because they’ve been observing humans and have eliminated our weaknesses in themselves.


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