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Rebuttal Essay (Revised)

Drug Law Reform vs. Supporters of a Failed Unwinnable War My opposition has a fear of having a world with drugs fully legalized. They say this because these opposing groups believe it is an “absolutely untested proposition” and the only … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite – Evan Horner

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Annotated Bibliography This article written by Richard Branson will be used to prove the war on drugs has failed primarily the point that sending the drug addicts to prison for buying drugs is not the way it should be done. The … Continue reading

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Reflective Statement – Evan Horner

Before comp 2, I was not a very good writer by any means but my time with Professor Hodges has drastically improved my understanding of many essential goals needed to achieved during writing, the significance of credible writing, and also … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper – Evan Horner

War on Drugs: More Trouble that it’s Worth The War on Drugs in a long attempt by the American Government to put an end to recreational use of narcotics. The first major legislation for the drug war was “The Harrison … Continue reading

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Stand Your Ground (Redone) – Evan Horner

“Stand Your Ground” is a law that states a person acting in self defense is legally allowed to kill. This is a “shoot first” law that can create a culture of violence. People can engage in violent behavior in the name of saving themselves and … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – Evan Horner

In 1970 there was roughly two hundred thousand people serving time in America’s state and federal prisons. Today there are currently one and a half million people incarcerated in our prisons with another seven hundred and fifty thousand prisoners in … Continue reading

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Critical Reading – Evan Horner

Should Organ donation be made compulsory? 0:00-0:012 “I knew if i didn’t get a transplant in time my life was running out fairly rapidly” claims that people in need of organ transplants have only short amounts of time to live … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument – Evan Horner

War vs No War The group opposing me has a fear of having a world with drugs fully legalized. They say it is because it is a “absolutely untested proposition” and the only evidence provided so far is in small … Continue reading

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Visual Argument – Evan Horner

Ad Breakdown The first shot is of two young children playing in the sprinkler outside of their suburban home. Their mother is doing some gardening. The setting is a normal suburb, nothing special; this is used so the people living … Continue reading

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