Critical Reading – Evan Horner

Should Organ donation be made compulsory?

0:00-0:012 “I knew if i didn’t get a transplant in time my life was running out fairly rapidly”

  • claims that people in need of organ transplants have only short amounts of time to live that go by “rapidly”.

0:13-0:26 “My name is Oli Louington and 3 years ago i received a double lung transplant, and i don’t thing organ donation should be made compulsory

  • The fact that he himself received a transplant and doesn’t believe in compulsory organ donations Claims that people who desperately need these organs don’t want them if the donor doesn’t want them to have it.

1:11-1:18 “it will never be possible to express to my donor family the gratitude i feel for the gift they’ve give me”

  • This claims that the whole family of the donor is involved in the transplant
  • Also that it was a gift as if u could wrap up a pair of lungs and give it to someone on their birthday.

1:19-1:54 “The idea that our donor consciously chose to give us the gift of life after they had lost theirs is all important. it means the world to us … by switching to a system of compulsory we are taking away that element of a gift and i wouldn’t want to change that for anything.”

  • This claims that it is all important that the donor gives up his organs as a gift to the people that need them. So important that he wouldn’t want to receive organs from a non agreeing donor even to save his own life.
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