Visual Argument – Evan Horner

Ad Breakdown

The first shot is of two young children playing in the sprinkler outside of their suburban home. Their mother is doing some gardening. The setting is a normal suburb, nothing special; this is used so the people living in nice family oriented locations can immediately relate themselves to the ad.

Suddenly the ice cream man is heard then seen turning onto the family’s street. As you can assume just like every other child would do the brother and his sister run up to their mom pleading for her to allow them to get ice cream.

The mother stating that since it was close to dinnertime the children are not permitted to eat ice cream, as it would spoil their appetite. It is at this moment the father figure bursts through the front door of the house seeing the ice cream truck passing his house, wanting some ice cream himself he starts a full on sprint after the truck (showing how he is not a perfect parent) with the two children following right after him.

 My Thoughts

This advertisement sends the message that “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent.” The seemingly difficult job of adopting children through foster care services is made light hearted with funniness. This is used to reassure potential adopting families that just because they might not be “perfect” they still have the power to deliver the solidity and refuge every child deservers and should be provided with and I believe this ad accomplishes it’s task very well.

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1 Response to Visual Argument – Evan Horner

  1. davidbdale says:

    I think it does too, Evan, and you’ve described the implications of the narrative nicely. What you could do better is focus on the visual. Your early comment on the “setting” is as close as you come to this part of the job. I’ll give you some time to respond below with additional comments if you wish.
    Provisional grade recorded.

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