Stand Your Ground (Redone) – Evan Horner

“Stand Your Ground” is a law that states a person acting in self defense is legally allowed to kill. This is a “shoot first” law that can create a culture of violence. People can engage in violent behavior in the name of saving themselves and basically have a license to kill. Conflicts, like road rage, neighborly disputes, and suspicion of other races, are now allowed to be resolved with guns. It’s definitely going to lead to more killing when someone can just use the “self-defense” excuse. I believe these laws will increase the number of murders; in Florida “justifiable” killings have tripled since the Stand Your Ground law was ratified in 2005. When ordinary citizens are allowed to take the law into their own hands, the people’s rights often get trampled. My rights come first. If I have a gun, you’re out of luck. One consequence of these laws will be more “street justice.”

Don’t think it won’t affect everyone. All people are less safe when their neighbor may be packing heat. There’s more of that than ever before, and it’s only going to get worse if more “justifiable killing” laws gets passed. These laws are more than likely going to get innocent people shot. In short, “Stand Your Ground” is more trouble than it is worth. If the law gets repealed it will determine we respect the lives of our citizens. If not it shows the lives of criminals means more.

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