Annotated Bibliography

This article written by Richard Branson will be used to prove the war on drugs has failed primarily the point that sending the drug addicts to prison for buying drugs is not the way it should be done. The article shows sending these problem users to jail is not helping them and is also overpopulating the prisons with people who don’t need to be.

This source is a quantitative look at the so-called driving force for the war on drugs. Which happens to be the arrest rate of users of a non-violent, essentially safe with even some medicinal values… marijuana. In the US today marijuana is becoming generally accepted and in some states law is decriminalized and even legal for same medicinal cases. This article gives some statistics on the “not needed” arrests on marijuana.

The article on this website deals with the injustices of the War on drugs dealing with things like racism and sexism. It also gives examples of possible ways to help fix the drug problem in America.

This source Obama’s Drug War. will be used to get the perspective of the federal government on the issue of the War on Drugs.

The article above is called War on Drugs a “Total Failure” And Statistics to Prove It. It has primarily quantitative information to help build my case with various statistics to back my points.

The article above is a global look at the war on drugs and policies regarding it. “A high-profile group of global leaders declared the “war on drugs” a failure on Thursday and urged governments to consider decriminalizing drugs in a bid to cut consumption and weaken the power of organized crime gangs.” It will be used to strengthen my overall point that there are better ways to deal with the problem of drugs

This source shows presidential candidate Ron Paul’s extreme opinion on the war on drugs i will compare his opinion to other white house personnel such as obama.,8599,1887488,00.html

This is a brief history of the war on drugs as told by the critically aclaimed Time Magazine. I will use it to get background information on my topic.

This the opposite of the Ron Paul article it is a full site on the white houses position on the war on drugs. It will help me compare the two very different positions held.

this is strictly statistics based on the war it will be used to add much needed quantitative information to my paper

This article shows the connections between the war on drugs and high ranking political figures in this case president obama.

This source is the world renowned MSNBC’s look at the War on Drugs and how key panels commissions are now looking at this failed drug prohibition.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Good looking sources. Very vague descriptions of how you’ll use them to support specific arguments.

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