Apple Face Plant

It seems counterintuitive that a major company would have a huge security breach and not do anything about it. Apple recently faced a lot of backlash due to a bug that could allow you to see and hear someone you were facetiming before they answered the phone. For years, the consumers of apple’s product had been asking for group FaceTime, in 2018 Apple had finally released a software update that would allow a user to FaceTime more than one person. A young boy in Arizona discovered the glitch and told his mother about it who then reached out to Apple. She did not hear back from Apple, prompting her to begin reaching out to other people such as Apple’s security team and posting on popular social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook. What caught Apple’s attention was an article that went viral on an Apple fan site. A software update has been issued to fix the issue but it is still unknown why it took Apple so long to respond to the issue. This bug can contribute to the hundreds and thousands of dollars that “Bug Brokers” make. These brokers sell the bugs for even more money to governments and law enforcements around the world. This is done on the dark web.

Heroin for Addicts

It seems counterintuitive to give an addict the drug of their choice. Well, in Vancouver they are giving away kits with clean syringes, band-aids, and antiseptic pads to heroin addicts. Vancouver has been battling a heroin epidemic for a while now, even setting up an area where addicts can shoot up without being arrested and in a safe, clean environment with nurses present. This was supposed to work as treatment for addicts, a way to keep people off of the streets, and a way to keep people from stealing and prostitution but in the end just ended up giving an addicts a better place to get high. This just gives addicts an excuse to keep doing the drug and does no help what so ever. By setting up these places it makes it seem like it is okay to have a drug addiction, it is a way of killing people without actually doing it. It’s like saying “Hey, you’re addicted to drugs and to keep you from overdosing and dying on our streets we’ll give you a safer place to do it so that the tourist don’t see how big of a drug problem we really have.”

Meanest Show on Earth

It seems counterintuitive to go to work against your doctors orders. So how come animals don’t get the same treatment? Circuses have never had a good reputation with animal care. One specific case came to light and has opened many conversations about how well the animals in circus rings are taken care of. Anybody who has been to a circus knows that there is where you can see wild animals do tricks. Well, unfortunately for a three year old elephant, Kenny, in the Ringling brother’s circus was no different. Kenny was visibly sick and had not been eating for two days prior to his performance. Kenny was never checked by a vet or given the okay to preform but was put to work anyway. During the show Kenny had gotten sick, then again on the same day for his second performance he began to bleed. Only then did Kenny get the care he should have been receiving. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and advised them not to let him preform. The Ringling brothers once again put the baby elephant to work. Kenny was later found, lifeless in his cage in his own bed due to improper treatment of a salmonella infection.

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