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The ad starts our with a man running in a yard with his pitbulls. He is holding a football as he runs and then bends down to pet them. – Most dogs in shelters happen to be pitbulls, due to their bad reputation.


The man is in a room, probably his home, and there are two yoga matts laid down. The dog is sitting to the left and the man is doing push ups on the right. The dog has a gray collar and a light blue tag, in the background there are two windows, a work out ball and a shelf with weights in it. The camera zooms in to the dog and shows that he is missing both eyes, indicating he is blind.


The scene is now in his living room, there are lots of tall windows, and a double glass door. He is playing a video game while his other dog sits beside him with his head on the man’s lap. This is showing that his dogs are his best friends, they do everything with him.


They re back in the yard running around with he football ad the dog chases him again. The camera moves over tot eh dog who is now running back with he football in his mouth.


The camera goes back and forth to the yard, the work out room and the couch. Each time the dogs are there with him, doing whatever it is that the man is doing. The dogs look happy, friendly, and active.


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2 Responses to Visual Rhetoric – Halizzle

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks for posting early, Halizzle. This will give us the ability to share feedback with your classmates who might not know how much detail to provide to fulfill the assignment. Keep in mind you are to accomplish two goals.
    Visual Goal: Describe the video in enough detail so that your readers can easily visualize the frame.
    Rhetorical Goal: Analyze why the director designed the visuals to be exactly as they appear.

    With that in mind, I’m going to describe the first One Second of your chosen Ad Council video. I’ve never watched this video you chose, and I won’t view it past the first second. I also haven’t read your post, so your choices won’t influence my analysis. Afterwards, we can compare notes.


  2. davidbdale says:

    The scene opens outdoors in what appears to be the back yard of a very nice suburban home. The lawn is perfectly green, weed-free, and evenly mowed. A single landscaped tree occupies the middle of the screen, behind which we see eight or ten evenly-spaced, evergreen shrubs either planted at least five years ago or planted recently when they were already mature; in other words, expensive. They’re trimmed to an artificial shape that means their cared-for appearance is more important than that they grow naturally. The homes we can see beyond the shrubs and the tasteful wrought-iron perimeter fence are clearly large and expensive. So, we’re in the yard of a well-to-do owner.

    A young and stylish African-American man, tall and slender in good fitting black jeans and an open denim shirt over a gray t-shirt is leaning forward as if casually running and carries a football like a running back. The football looks brand new. It has its white stripes; its laces are intact. Clearly, this is not a ball a pit bull has been playing with much. (Either we’re meant to believe the dog is new to this game, or the director made a mistake selecting a ball that has not been chewed thoroughly by a pit bull to indicate how long he’s lived with the man.) The man’s trim beard and contemporary haircut identify him as well-groomed and put the time at “the present.” At his feet a plump brown dog of uncertain age but not a puppy, big enough to be a mature dog, active enough that it’s not elderly. The man is watching carefully as the dog runs at his feet.

    We assume the man is playing in the yard with his dog. We also get the clear impression that the dog is well cared-for and loved, and that it’s lucky to live in a place where it has access to a large, safe, fenced yard to spend its time in.

    As the man continues his run, he continues to watch the dog the way he would if he expected the dog to run with or alongside him. The soles of his shoes are white, indicating they are casual and appropriate for outdoors. The dog, as it moves, reveals the body shape and coloring of a bull terrier (pit bull), with its thick taut frame, long slick tail, and white face, muzzle, and front legs.

    Across the screen from left to right “THE SHELTER PET PROJECT PRESENTS” spells itself in blue against a white ribbon. So the overall impression we get is that this dog has been rescued by the black gentleman and brought to live here in a wealthy suburb by a kind owner who enjoys playing with it. Animal lovers at this point will be feeling quite wonderful about this story line.

    How does that compare with your Notes about the First Second, Halizzle?


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