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My Hypothesis. – halizzle

Abortion. Deciding factors of abortions should be limited to the mother. Effects of rape, postpartum depression and being in the foster system. Women being the only decision maker would lower the amount of children in foster systems. By allowing women … Continue reading

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MY Hypothesis- MysteryLimbo

Harsh imprisonment specifically for “petty crimes” causes voter suppression and racial injustice. Harsh sentences for possession of marijuana or even small traces of crack or heroin on clothing could land someone a sentence without parole. Becoming a felon in the … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—NJ

police brutality misconception that police get away with brutality police get dealt with accordingly to their action the belief that police get away with brutality when in fact they get dealt with the way they need  Police officers get dealt … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – Jets1313

Celebrity treatment in the criminal justice system The unequal Treatment of celebrities compared to the average person in the criminal justice system celebrities receive special treatment compared to the average person In the criminal justice system Celebrities obtain special and … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-Chavanillo

You never should be addicted to anything because it harms your health and body. You should never be addicted to your phone because it harms your brain and health. How smartphones addiction is affecting our physical and mental health What … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis–nugget

Why marijuana should be legalized.

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My Hypothesis-rowanstudent

The therapeutic and physiological effects that placebos have on a person will ultimately be more beneficial than prescription drugs in curing minor health conditions such as pain relief and depression.

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My Hypothesis – Johndoe

The wide use of self-driving cars would make the roads a lot safer.

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My Hypothesis- Nina

Clinical and chronic depression, because it is not a terminal condition, should never be used to qualify a person for physician assisted suicide or euthanasia.

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My Hypothesis—wazoo

College Athletes receiving pay. College athletes’ scholarships and NCAA profit. The amount of money NCAA makes greatly exceeds what the scholarships are worth Most College Athletes got to school to play their respected sport and likely get around a lot … Continue reading

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