My Hypothesis- CompIIStudent

  1. Media has become an enemy of the public
  2. A large part of why the country has grown so divided is because of how people percieve media
  3. Giant news anchors like CNN and Fox News have become so biased and blind that they feed people disinformation as a way to rule the public view
  4. It’s now common to only view one source of news if you lean one way or another down the aisle
  5. Another portion of people are scared because they don’t know what to trust
  6. Regaining the public’s trust in the media overall would help heal the country
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2 Responses to My Hypothesis- CompIIStudent

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you for the fascinating conversation on this topic. I invite you to delete your numbers 1, 2, etc at any time and add new 5, 6 to demonstrate your continuing development of this very worthy hypothesis.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Mechanical Note: No TAGS, please. Use Categories only to help find your way back to your posts. (Helps your professor too.) I have deleted your tags and placed this post in the “My Hypothesis” and “compiistudent” categories.


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