My Hypothesis – carsonwentz1186

  1. NFL franchises need to re-evaluate how they handle player contracts and players need to re-evaluate how they handle their negotiations
  2. Namely the Quarterbacks
  3. Too many franchises have paid a Quarterback they claimed to be “their guy”, and then release him a year or two later wrecking the salary cap and the teams success
  4. Players, especially Quarterbacks, sign contracts and a few years later claim they need a new one on the grounds of “outperforming their contracts.
  5. These players need to realize they are blessed and lucky to be where they are, especially in a world of COVID where millions of working class citizens are still out of work
  6. Players and organizations need to realize they need each other to succeed and should stop insulting the intelligence of the general public and their fans by doing so.
  7. Adopting the policy used by many large corporations, and following the example set by Tom Brady, NFL franchises should limit the salary paid to any one player to no more than 10x the average salary of their rosters.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis – carsonwentz1186

  1. davidbdale says:

    Discussed this Hypothesis with CarsonWentz at a Professor Conference on THU FEB 11 at 1pm. Recording available on request.


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