My Hypothesis -imgoingswimming

1). Current Vehicles and their emissions.

2). Emissions in vehicles and how have improved overtime.

3).We should really focus on the electric cars versus gas cars debate with many current car manufactures making more electric cars.

4).How moving to electric vehicles overtime will happen no matter what because of the advances in technology and they will be readily available.

5).Many states are making the buying of new gas powered cars in 2035  impossible but with possible drawbacks.

6).How rushing into making electric cars may actually negatively affect the environment and economy.

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1 Response to My Hypothesis -imgoingswimming

  1. davidbdale says:

    I like where this is going, Swimming. Your topic is rich with counterintuitivities. Are we trading cars that run on gasoline for cars that run on coal? Will the mining of rare metals for millions of batteries do more damage than drilling for oil? Are we perfecting the personal travel vehicle at a time when we should be putting all our innovation into public transportation?

    Please return to the Conference Chart and update your appointment line with a brief reflection on what we accomplished in our conference. And do put this post into Feedback Please if you decide to update it.


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