My Hypothesis- John wick66

  1. Racism
  2. The causes of Racism
  3. How the causes of racism effects the modern day American
  4. Despite the progression of today’s world the roots of Racism are still prevalent.
  5. Racism is a social construct pushed forward in an attempt to keep the American people divided
  6. The actions taken in this day and age to attempt to end Racism inadvertently creates either more Racism or social discourse between the American people.

Attempt 2:

  1. Racism
  2. Cancel cultures effect on Racism
  3. Cancel culture is doing more harm than good in today’s society
  4. Cancel culture is doing more harm than good by destroying the careers and livelihoods of people who say stupid stuff (aka make racist comments/actions).
  5. Despite cancel cultures attempts to stop racism they are actually attributing to the creation of more by severely punishing those who say or do racial things without actually trying to educate them on why what they say is wrong, so all it leaves in its path are angry people stripped of everything with only their “unacceptable comments” left to them
  6. Cancel cultures attempts to stop racism only further cement racial views in the people they target by crushing their futures in the name of social justice rather than try to educate them on the wrong doings of their actions , thus leaving behind in its wake a sea of destroyed lives with their racist thoughts now expanding rapidly since they are the only things left for them to cling to.

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1 Response to My Hypothesis- John wick66

  1. davidbdale says:

    Fascinating, bold, and a little bit scary. Those are all good reasons to proceed.

    In less than a second, using Google Scholar and the search terms anti-racism strategies +”cancel culture” I happened to read this:
    “Over the past two decades the General Homicide rate has been decreasing, while Active Shootings have been rising. Possibly inadvertently contributing to this trend is the emergent synthesis of the “Me Too”, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter movements under the general political correctness ethos “Cancel Culture” in an article you can find here:
    I’m not sure why the authors drew that conclusion, but did you think “Cancel Culture” would lead to an increase in Active Shooting incidents even as the general homicide rate declines?

    A few seconds later, I ran across an article titled “We Are Not the Shoes of White Supremacists.”

    Already, two ridiculously compelling academic sources that will keep you busy trying to tame into something you can dispassionately communicate.


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