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Reflective – Bill Brooks

Valued Improvement As our College Composition II class draws to a close, it is easy to look back and see how I have evolved as a writer since the beginning of the course.  My first few assignments were often awkwardly … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper–Bill Brooks

Keep Your Laws Off My Science For years now the scientific community has had to suffer the ban on embryonic stem cell research.  Not only are stem cells derived from human embryos more easily accessible but also yield a higher … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper(not final draft) – Bill Brooks

Research Position Paper First passed in 1996, the Dickey-Wicker Amendment prohibited any federal funding to research which destroyed human embryos.  The Dickey-Wicker Amendment, as well as the Sherley v. Sebelious case which supported it, seems to be well hidden by … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography – Bill Brooks

1. The Science and Ethics of Induced Pluripotency: What Will Become of Embryonic Stem Cells This article discusses why stem cells are better than traditional medicinal methods to cure/treat diseases and other illnesses.  It depicts the advances in stem cell … Continue reading

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Causal Essay – Bill Brooks

The Embryonic Advantage The intervention of religious and political organizations has led to a huge set back in the fields of regenerative and therapeutic medicine.  Because current United States lawmakers have deemed the application of embryonic stem cells in medicine … Continue reading

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Sources 11-15 – Bill Brooks

11. Bioethics of Stem Cell Research and Therapy This article is broken down into three sections, past, present, and future usage of stem cells in research and therapy.  It delves deeply into the controversies and concerns of using embryonic cells … Continue reading

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Critical Reading – Bill Brooks

Should organ donation be made compulsory? The title itself leaves the viewer to ponder the implications of this question as the video buffers It is asking a moral question and has several claims within the title “organ donation” is placed … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay – Bill Brooks

Keep your hands off my Science The two main opponents that the field of embryonic stem (ES) cell research faces are political and moral in nature.  The political view of the situation states that there should not be research conducted … Continue reading

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Visual Argument – Bill Brooks (fixed)

Adoption from Foster Care The ad begins with two children, presumably a brother and a younger sister, playing and laughing as they jump through a sprinkler and their mother gardening while watching over them The faint but instantly recognizable sound … Continue reading

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Definition Essay Rewrite – Bill Brooks

Often the terms used to describe the process of embryonic stem cell research are confused with one another.  This confusing terminology can be easily exploited by anti-abortion politicians and similar political groups in order to win favor with the public.  … Continue reading

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