Sources 11-15 – Bill Brooks

11. Bioethics of Stem Cell Research and Therapy

This article is broken down into three sections, past, present, and future usage of stem cells in research and therapy.  It delves deeply into the controversies and concerns of using embryonic cells in research for regenerative medicine and how thoughts concerning the topic have changed throughout the course of many years.   Also, this article touches on the specific aspects of derivation that create bioethical concerns.

How I intend to use it: I will use this article to depict the ethical concerns facing this type of research and counter them.  Also, I will use it to discuss what the medical field stands to gain if embryonic stem cell research was granted federal funding.

12. Abortion Surveillance

This article provides numerous statistics on abortion in the United States, including gestational age as well as methods. This article will serve to provide powerful data on abortions in the United States.  I intend to use it to aid the section of my essay which compares the abortion laws to those of stem cell research in order to point out critical discrepancies and leaps in logic.

13. How is Abortion Different From Stem Cell Research

This article discusses the similarities and differences between abortion and stem cell research.  The author also offers a section about the objections facing the two practices.  This article outlines everything from destroying an embryo to the moral aspects and concerns that both practices come across.

How I intend to use it: This article will fit seamlessly into my essay because most of the arguments made in this essay are ones that I have made in my essay.  I will use it to substantiate my claims as well as providing new insight to topics I have already discussed in previous essays.

14. Is it Time for Bioethics to go Empirical

This is an in-depth article about the field of bioethics as a whole.  The author dissects bioethics in a nonbiased way, but brings up important points about the values and concerns of bioethicists.  It also touches on possible reform of the bioethics field in general.

How I intend to use it: this article will be helpful in discrediting some of the ideals propagated by bioethicists.  Furthermore, the profiling of bioethics as a whole is something I have not seen before so it will be helpful in expanding my essay.

15. Bioethical Politics

As the title suggests, this article is about the politics surrounding bioethics and the decisions made as a result.  This article covers abortion, stem cell research and other hotly debated bioethical topics.  This also discusses the role of religion in scientific decisions and bioethics.

How I intend to use it: this article is great for providing background information on the politics behind the important political and scientific decisions and laws such as the famous Roe v. Wade case.  This information will be critically important when examining the ethical and political motives behind the important scientific issues in modern America.

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