Visual Argument – Bill Brooks (fixed)

Adoption from Foster Care

  • The ad begins with two children, presumably a brother and a younger sister, playing and laughing as they jump through a sprinkler and their mother gardening while watching over them
  • The faint but instantly recognizable sound of an ice cream truck is heard as the children stop to watch it approach the house
  • They quickly run back to the mother and beg for some ice cream but she responds that they are having dinner soon
  • Just as the ad takes a sad turn, the camera pans to the father bursting through the screen door to chase the ice cream truck down the street, money in hand
  • After a quick glance back to the mother the kids run to join their father on the chase
  • The mother’s shoulders drop in slight disappointment and just before the camera returns to the shot of the threesome sprinting down the street with the voiceover there is a hint of a begrudging smile on the mothers face
  • The overall feel of this ad was that, similar to the domestic violence ad, anyone can participate, their house was average as was the neighborhood
  • What is interesting is that from the instant the ad began there was not even a shadow of a  doubt that this was a family, further showing that a foster family is not unlike any other family
  • The ad used humor to get its point across in the classic juxtaposition of the stereotypically lenient father and strict but loving mother
  • The end point of the ad is to show how everyone can be a foster parent, not just perfect parents
  • Every part of the ad is directed towards this end from the average home setting to the possibly overly lenient father
  • The ad is powerful in that it can inspire people to take action for this cause and help out with a foster child even if they are not perfect people or disagree slightly on how to raise the child (as most parents already do), they can still raise the children to be perfectly normal and well adapted
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3 Responses to Visual Argument – Bill Brooks (fixed)

  1. davidbdale says:

    You don’t quite mention it, Bill, except to note that the scene is typical and average, but a beautiful message of this ad appears to be that parents don’t need to be perfect to foster. They can disagree about how to raise the kids, as natural parents do, and still benefit the kids just fine.
    Provisional grade recorded.

  2. billbrooks175 says:

    I think I have made the necessary corrections

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