Critical Reading : Eddie Jahn

Organ Gifts

I will be evaluating the Should organ donation be made compulsory video.

I knew that if I did not get a transplant soon my life was running out very rapidly.

This is an inferential claim because he is stating that if he does not get a transplant his life was going to end very soon when he does not know if he will die within years or months. Very rapidly can sound like to many people seconds or minutes, when in reality the man did not receive a transplant for over two years.

Essentially you’re waiting for someone else to die so you can get a second chance.

He is now claiming that in order receive an organ now that someone will have to die, when not all transplants are like that. A person can donate organs and still be alive, there are surgeries for that. His specific organ maybe someone does have to die, but then his claim would have to be more specific such as “If waiting for a heart on the transplant list, you’re essentially waiting for someone to die so that you can get a second chance.”

I don’t think it will ever be possible for me to express to my donor family the  gratitude I feel for the gift they have given me.

This claim is that the donor family gave this man a gift of an organ personally, when in reality the family of the organ donor does not have anything to do with who the organ may go to. The organ goes to the person who is next on the transplant list. The organ may be considered a gift to the recipient, but the organ donor should be getting the praise not the family because ultimately it is up to the donor to decide if they would like to donate their organs or not.

By switching to a system of presumed consent we’re taking away that element of a gift.

This claim is meant to make people feel compassion, that the donors are giving their organs to specific people and they know what kind of condition the people may have and that it will guarantee the recipient to live a long happy life after. When in reality the recipient should be ecstatic with the opportunity that they have a new organ that they can have inside their body. There is no need for the “gift factor”, it is a medical procedure to be done by transplanting a bad organ with a healthier organ. It is not as if the doctors are going to worry about if you are going to like the new organ you receive as someone would do with a gift, they know you are going to like it because it will help you continue to live, or live better.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice. Grade recorded.

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