Critical Reading- Sam Sarlo

The first sentence in Randy Engel’s article “Many Renew America readers, I think, are acquainted with my pro-life credentials,” both contains and implies some outlandish claims. First of all, she claims to be an “investigative journalist,” yet she throws an indication of severe bias right in the reader’s face within her first few words. Also, she claims to have pro-life “credentials,” which would lead us to believe that she has personally made personal accomplishments which furthered the pro-life cause. If I were to complain about a specific topic for the next 50 years, could I then say I have “credentials” in that field? And if I were so sure that my readers were already “acquainted” with my “credentials,” I would not waste three paragraphs blabbing about them. A couple of sentences later, she cites her areas of pro-life concentration as such-“My initial interest was in federal domestic and foreign population control programs and later eugenic abortion, sex initiation programs in public and parochial schools, human embryo and fetal experimentation, and euthanasia.” This sentence proclaims the existence and practice of: population control programs both domestic and foreign, sex initiation programs in schools, embryo and fetal experimentation and euthanasia, yet provides absolutely no definition of or evidence  that these things happen. The heading of her next paragraph reads “The Organ Donor Industry.” This title makes a gift of life sound more like a business transaction in which cold-hearted doctors who are motivated only by the money their hospitals will make from the organs hack apart unconscious victims and put all their parts up for sale. She assumes that organ donation is really murder for profit and also that all of the doctors performing such operations know that it is murder, but do it anyway for the cash.

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1 Response to Critical Reading- Sam Sarlo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Do you have evidence that doctors are not hired murderers?

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