Revised Definition Essay- Tyson Still

Gangs are all around the world, but majority of the gangs are being increased by recruiting teens that are already on the streets trying to find the path way to living a life of crime. Most of the teens that find their way to having a criminal lifestyle are the main ones who grew up living in a house of confusion or discomfort. Some teens that isn’t getting the full effect of unconditional love can be emotionally unstable and put their trusting into gangs to seek the extra love they desire for. Things that teens look for in gangs are the bond that they can receive form a brother or sister as well as the love of a guardian or parent type of comfort. The specific bond that a mother or father or both can give their child is special to them, and without that they can go astray which can lead them to the bad decision making of living a life of crime.

The teen rate for violence is increasing and most of the teens in gangs are being locked up due to gang violence. There are about 1 million gang members in the U.S today, and about 400,000 of them are juveniles under the age of 18, there is also about 25 million teens in the United States so that makes around 14 percent of the teens in the United States are gang members. A major question being researched is, how many male juveniles are joining gangs and what is the main reason that’s pushing them towards this way of life? Well after doing research on teenage boys in gangs, I found that 360,000 teenage boys are in gangs right now. The rate of teens in prison that are in gangs have increased since the year 2009 which was 7 out of 10 boys. Now the rate of teen boys in prison is 9 out of every 10 boy in prison have some gang affiliation. Another number to follow up on is that 89 percent of crimes committed by teensare committed by gang members.

Teens joining gangs today are influenced because they grew up with in a broken household. A broken household could be multiple things such as one parent because the other one never comes around, or it could be that they have both parents with split custody. It could also be that they have one parent because the family is going through a divorce. Even with all of those situations my research is based on the percentage of gang members, which are teens, that is in gangs because they lack the pleasure of having a father in their life. The statement of not having a father in their life is generally broad. I’m focusing on not having a male role model in their life at all. This is a big cause that leads teens to joining gangs today because of the lack of affection that they are not getting from a father that they need in their life. Studies show that about two-thirds of all first marriages in the United States end in a divorce, so about half of all the children in the United States go through a divorce at some point in their teenage life. With that being said research shows that about 70% of all children that are incarcerated come from a home without a father. After researching I found that for young black males that live in a single parent home whether with just father or mother, the likely hood of them committing a crime is twice as much as a young black male that live with both parents.

I hope that the ratings are to decrease in every area, but it has been proven due to research that teenagers male or female that grow up without a father are more likely to live in a life of crime than teens with both parents in their life. But from what I’m trying to find I think it is good enough evidence to say that teens of both sex are reaching the path of being in a gang because they lack the presence of having a male role model in their life. It brings me to the conclusion that even though that isn’t the only reason kids join gangs, it does play a major factor in their life causing them to be recruited by certain gangs.






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1 Response to Revised Definition Essay- Tyson Still

  1. davidbdale says:

    Not much academic sourcing here, Tyson, although your contributors appear to be sincere. Shows improvement from the first draft.
    Grade recorded.

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