sources 6-10- Sam Sarlo,8599,1893946,00.html

-This is a Time article detailing the results of portugal’s decriminalization of all drugs. Although decriminalization is not the answer, it has improved just about every measurable aspect of the nation’s drug problem.

I could use this as solid evidence that legally allowing people to use whatever substances they please benefits the society as a whole.

-This website explains the unjust and illegitimate reasons that marijuana (the least harmful of all illegal drugs) was outlawed.
I can use this source to show how that our nation’s drug laws are ill-concieved and unconstitutional.
-This article calls for massive state criminal justice reforms with an emphasis on decriminalization or legalization of drugs.
I can use information in this article to illustrate frustratingly high incarceration rates of low-level drug offenders and ridiculously long sentences imposed upon them, as well as the dizzying monetary cost of these injustices.
-This page contains some detailed information about mandatory minimum sentences and three-strike life sentences as well as some other counterintuitive  practices.
-This page has a lot of useful general information and links to many articles.
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