“in a family system, every member of that system is going to be impacted, most often in a negative way, by mental-health issues.”

This is an example of a quantitative claim because it measures the amount of people being affected.

“…’since 2005 has added 70 therapists to military installations around the country.’”

This is an example of a numerical claim because there is an exact number and can be proven to be true.

“‘We’re better than we were,’ Robi­chaux says. ‘But we still have a ways to go.’”

This is an example of an evaluative claim because this is Robichaux’s judgement of the given circumstances.

“Of course, the Army only helps families of active-duty personnel”

This is an example of a comparative claim because the army exclusively helps families of active-duty personnel compared to others.

“But ‘if you asked the VA to treat your kids, they would think it was nonsense,’ says Hofstra’s Motta.”

This is a casual claim because it demonstrates judgement on what would happen if you were to ask the VA.

‘“Our goal is to make the parents the strongest parents they can be,’”

This is an evaluative claim because it expresses what they plan to do in the future based off of what they believe is a priority.

“‘for the vast majority of people with the secondary traumatization model, the most important way to help the family deal with things is to ensure that the veteran gets effective treatment.’”

This is a proposal claim because it gives clear instructions of how to to possibly help people with the secondary traumatization model.

“In cases where children themselves need treatment, these VA officials recommended that parents find psychologists themselves”

This is a proposal claim because the VA officials suggest parents to find psychologists, convincing them to take a specific course of action

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