PTSD Claims- CompIIstudent

“But here we’ve got lasagna, and salad with an array of dressing choices, and a store bought Bundt cake with chocolate chips in it!”

-This is a factual claim, as there is no way to dispute whether this is true or not, really because only the people present would know.

“There is no dining room table- when they bought the house years ago, they thought they’d finish it up real nice like they did with another house, before the war, but nobody’s up for that now.”

-This is an evaluative claim, as the speaker is evaluating why the family hasn’t finished the room, inferring its due to the husband going to war.

“And it’s lovely.”

-This is a casual claim, as the speaker is just referencing how nice it is to have a fun dinner with their close family.

“Caleb is in such a good mood that Brannan asks if he’s up for putting Katie to bed so she can go lie down. Forty five minutes later he wakes her up screaming.”

-This is a causal claim, describing how a victim oof PTSD can be so calm and happy and then become paranoid in an instant.

“Not two days after that he tells her he’s leaving her.”

-This is a factual caim, as there’s no way to dispute this unless someone else contradicts it

“‘I’m going to get it over with so that you don’t have to,’ he says because thats just the way the scale goes that day, when he weighs the pain of being alone versus the pain of being a burden.”

-This is an evaluative claim since the narrator is evaluating the situation between the veteran and his wife, and taking a look into why they’re getting divorced

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