Two children, both of which look no older than 10 are standing facing the watcher staring off at the same thing off screen. Both hold bored glazed over stares at what ever they are looking at. They are outside in someone’s front yard, most likely theirs. It appears to be sunny based of the sun glowing off the trees behind them, but they are in the shade due to cover from the house. The child on the left is holding a basket ball while chewing on pink bubble gum. As she chews she appears to be more annoyed than bored with her face giving off a slight frown. The child on her left, likely her brother, leans on the handle bar of a sliver bike. While his sister appears to be getting annoyed at whatever is happening off screen, he simply appears bored with an expressionless look to his face.

I believe the director showed us these images because he wanted to established that whatever these kids are looking at, they are likely use to either seeing it or hearing it, so when it happens (i.e in the vid) they kids are use to it, therefore why they appear bored for the most part.


The camera cuts to the side showing us the kids where watching their parents argue. The Mother stands near the garage of their house, going back and fourth with a man, presumably her husband, who is on top of a black stepping stool in their drive way right next to a basketball hoop. They are arguing but it doesn’t appear to be anything bad. Their is no visible anger on either parents face. In fact the father seems almost happy, with a small smile on his face. With a very relaxed body posture, the man grabs the rim of the basketball hoop and gives it a small tug. The entire backboard of the hoop proceeds to fall off and tumble to the ground. It doesn’t strike anyone or shatter but rather almost tumbles and lands facing up on the ground. The mother and farther eyes widen with shock and merely stand there as the hoop comes down. The mom continues to look at the hop with a look of disappointment while the dad with his hands on his hips proceeds to glance back and fourth between the basketball post and the backboard laying on the ground. The daughter in a moment of surprise quickly back steps even though the back board was nowhere near to hitting her. While the brother, still leaning on his bike, cracks a smile as it falls to the ground watching it drop only to then look back at his father.

I believe the director showed us this in order to create the family dynamic, or at least how we are suppose to perceive it. How these little arguments between the parents are common(due to the bored expression of the childern). I also think they are perhaps trying to show the father attempt to be a builder (in setting up the hoop) but he just lacks that initiative, and it could be a reoccurring trend based off how the son began to chuckle as soon as it happened, as if he knew what to expect .


The camera quickly cuts to the daughter as she faces the camera and proceeds to break the fourth wall by speaking directly to the viewer. The house now blurred in the background and the camera focused on her. She has a somewhat concerned look on her face as she talks, her eyebrows giving a slight squint. She’s wearing a grey shirt with a rainbow poking out at the top. Over her shirt she wears a red basketball jersey. The chewing gum is also no longer in her mouth.

I believe the director showed this in order for the girl to evaluate on the situation that just unfolded.


The screen cuts to a government website link with several car seats and seatbelts on top of the logo.


The camera cuts back to the girl who is still talking directly to the camera. The camera then cuts back out showing all four family members. The mom proceeds to walk to the front door on the house while the dad, still on the stepping stool, looks at the backboard in disappointment, hands still on his hips, he lets out a sigh. The kids no longer looking at the backboard now stare back up at their dad.

I believe they put this scene in to establish what I said before about them expecting this, especially since the mom walked away, not angrily, but rather done with the scenario so to speak.

(1) Hoop | Child Car Safety | Ad Council – YouTube

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