Notes 2/1/21

We discussed how looking for answers in something or somewhere that we already know is pointless.

Went over what a white paper is and how we build it throughout the next few months- not working on it is detrimental to our grades

Discussed the process of picking a thesis and doing research on your own, how you haven’t learned anything until you’re surprised at some point.

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2 Responses to Notes 2/1/21

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m glad to see these, CompIIStudent, but two things I need to point out.
    1. When posting, be careful to categorize your post. This one should be in the compiistudent category.
    2. It would also belong in the Notes category, but there isn’t a Notes category. Daily class Notes belong on the Agenda page as a Reply. You can move these to the Agenda page for 03 Class MON FEB 01 if you want credit for them.


  2. davidbdale says:

    So far, you have not copied and pasted these notes to the Agenda page for MON FEB 01. They’ve been graded 0/3 at Canvas. Do the cut and paste if you want a regrade.


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