Visual Rhetoric-Hailthegreat8

0:01-0:03  You hear a bang sound while the camera zooms in on the half eating dish with a glass of milk next to it, then it cuts to a man in a suit looking up at someone or something.

0:04-0:08 The man looks down and seems a little aggravated; you hear another stomp noise. He gets started a little and looks up. 

0:09-0:15 He blinks and continues to look up with a worried face and starts breathing a little heavy and shouts, “I love you.”

0:16-0:23 “Never Stop Being A Dad” pops up on the screen. You hear a ding sound, and it’s the dad’s phone. He picks it up, and a message appears saying “U2.”

0:24-0:37 The father smiles and puts his phone back on the table. The word “Dadication” pops up on the screen when he’s taking a bite of his food, and then the video freezes on him till it’s over. 

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