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Opening 1: Many lives can be saved every year from just one simple roadway regulation, that is to mandate all vehicles be the same size. This idea mainly comes from the extensively researched topic of crash compatibility. Crash compatibility can simply be described as the ability of a car to protect both its own occupants and partner car’s occupants in a car-to-car collision. From the research conducted on the topic, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence revealing the fact that larger cars such as SUVs and trucks, have terrible crash compatibility with smaller cars due to their differences in size and weight. That’s why if all cars were mandated to be the same size, there would be less fatalities from car accidents due to better crash compatibility on roadways.

Opening 2: Construction of dedicated roadways for different sized vehicles would greatly increase the survival rate of car-to-car collisions. While driving a Toyota Prius, which would you rather occur, a head on collision with a two and a half ton pickup truck or a vehicle more than half that weight and size? Any normal person wouldn’t want either scenario to occur, but most people would make the logical choice of a collision with a car around equal size and weight of your own. Most people know this to be the better choice simply based of high school physics knowledge that you would have a lot better chances of surviving a crash with a small car compared to a big one. For that simple reasoning based on high school level knowledge, it should be clear that constructing dedicated roadways for different sized vehicles will greatly decrease the fatality rate of accidents.

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