Open Strong–dayzur

Opening 1:

Modern day schools should be required to have career focused courses and ditch the uninteresting and insignificant general education format. Putting students into the same courses as every other student proves to be completely inferior to letting students partake in courses that pique their interest and prepare them for college and beyond. Schools that adopt these career-driven courses show much more promising results than their counterparts as students are more engaged, more interested, and much more willing to learn. These students are the future of our world and an interesting and useful education is needed for them to stay engaged and change the world for the better. 

Opening 2:

Early college options should be available to any students willing to take up the offer if given. Students reaching their last final years of high school typically are doing either one of two things, going into a job suited for them or getting ready for college, so, at most schools, why is it not available for students to have the option to get a head start on the latter? College is a pivotal point in the lives of children as they are growing up to become essential pieces in the working world and to evolve our way of life, but this won’t even matter if students feel too stressed over work and drop out. Early college high school options are the perfect fit for any students where they are given a college environment, may be a community college campus, to take courses at these higher college levels and get a firm grasp on what their college experience will be like with even more perks and benefits down the line. 

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