612119-Safer Saws

  1. Manufacturers: “MANUFACTURERS MAY EXIT THE TABLE SAW MARKET, SMALL MANUFACTURERS MAY GO OUT OF BUSINESS, SALES OF TABLE SAWS WILL DECREASE, RESULTING IN UNEMPLOYMENT, AND THE GOVERNMENT COULD BE CREATING A MONOPOLY FOR ONE INDIVIDUAL” This is a predictive/ evaluation claim because he’s claims it would disrupt the economy in many ways such as companies going under and jobs being losed in the the saw market. There vauling the job loss a key factor on why the switch would hurt their company and why this one man would want the product on the saw so he makes all the profits.
  1. Product Safety Advocates: I chooce “10 amputations a day and thousands more injuries every year, is an unacceptable “toll”” This would be a factual claim since it’s based off of real injuries and how the people our getting hurt by not have this device on the product. This claim gets readers attention because of the number of people who get hurt every day and year due to the table saw not having the special device.
  1. Industry Lawyers: “Now these manufacturers are facing dozens of lawsuits brought forth by people whose injuries could have been prevented had SawStop or similar safety mechanisms been in place” This is an informative claim because its letting the reader know that the opportunity to save peoples hands and lifes. He places the blame on the saw companies for causing all these unnecessary injuries. Since there were ways to stop a lawsuit can follow.
  2. Customers: Since it started making table saws in in 2004, SawStop has recorded 2,000 “finger saves this claim is a factual claim because its saying how many people lifes werent ruined by this saw because it had this special tool on it. Saw stoppers could and would save our fingers in a potential issue since they claimed it already saved 2000 fingers in its short lifetime and small brand.
  1. Government officials:The CPSC predicts switching to the safer saw design will save society $1,500 to $4,000 per saw sold by reducing medical bills and lost work. This would be a proposal claim  becuase its states it would help save society money. It brings the importance of how valuable this technology really is even if you dont have a saw yourself but as a tax pay or a business owner.
  1. Reporters: . A lot of the “finger saves” were in commercial settings or schools, but others were by individuals. This is an emotional cliam because you hear school and think children and one of them could be your own. Since the invention by Steve Glass it saved multiple children’s fingers since the product was made available to schools.
  1. Steve Gass: They want to keep the status quo and keep making saws that, you know, cut their customers’ fingers off.” This claim is blunt and straightforward. He’s trying to get his product on the saying it’s not his fault it’s the big companies so he’s placing blame on the saw companies not him.
  1. Injured Plaintiffs: “I have not lived a single day without regretting that accident,” he wrote. “If your device prevents even one person from going through what I have gone through, it is a world class accomplishment.” This claim is not only a factual claim, it’s a first hand experience of a guy who got injured from a saw. This man is coming from the perspective of an injured man. Throught his experince we see why we should take these precautions.

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