Open Strong- oaktree1234

Opening 1: Good grades are not a good indication of success. During a student’s high school career, they will be constantly hounded by teachers, parents, and officials to perform well academically, if they wish to have a fulfilling career. Although a common mind set, it is far from the truth. In fact, students who perform more moderately in the classroom are more likely to find success in the workforce than their top of the class peers. 

Opening 2: Imagine a student who is destined for success after graduating high school. What is this student like? You probably didn’t think of a B minus student who works six days a week at their local pizza shop to help mom and dad with the rent. The adversities this student faces will help develop the grit they will need in the workplace and beyond. A student who easily achieves high grades with little to no challenges is unlikely to develop the same skills. Students who face more challenges during their educational career are likely to succeed in the workforce.

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