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Manufacturers: “one of the most dangerous products ever available” The manufacturer is stating that the traditional wood saw fits into the category of most dangerous products, making it a categorical claim. In doing so, they are expressing how potentially dangerous such equipment can be. This claim implies that without Safe Stop, you are putting yourself at risk for injury each time you use a wood saw. 

 Injury Lawyer: “could prevent almost all table saw injuries”  This is a causal claim in which the argument is being made that if Safe Stop is used, the outcome will be much fewer injuries. This statement presents to consumers that the opportunity to protect themselves is available. Although, I few mostly people, myself included, see “almost all” as a broad exaggeration. 

Industry Spokespeople: “a system to provide unheard of safety” This is an evaluative claim. It is making the statement that no other saw on the market is providing this level of safety. Not only this, but it gives consumers the idea that Safe Stop is a revolutionary new product that they simply need to have.

Consumer Safety Advocates: “a ready fix is affordable, available, and waiting” This is a proposal claim since it proposes that Safe Stop is the solution to all table saw injuries. In addition to this, they are proposing that this solution is affordable and therefore a realistic investment for most people companies.

Injured Plaintiffs: “could have prevented his 2007 injuryThis claim explains how one induvidual’s unfortunate incident involving a wood saw could been avoided if Safe Saw was implemented. This is a causal claim since it expresses that the cause of injury was the table saw, absent of Safe Stop. It makes the reader think “could I be in this position someday too?”

Steve Grass: “a little nervous” This quote explains how the creator of Safe Saw was feeling about trying out his product. This is an evaluative claim since it’s an evaluation of how much faith Grass has in the Safe Saw. The fact that he was questioning the reliability of his product may reveal something about the product’s effectiveness. Then again, I think anyone would be a little reluctant to stick their finger in a wood saw. 

Government Officials: “life-altering, yet preventable injuries” This quote about injury prevention from a government offical is an evalutative claim. Here, they are making an evaluation about the type of injury created by table saws. Typically, when I think of life-altering ailments, I don’t think of something preventable. This puts into perspective that some of the tragedies can be prevented with a product like safe stop.News Reporters: “4,700 people in the US lost a finger”  This numerical claim helps demonstrate to consumers just how common table saw injuries are. This type of statistic instills fear into the reader. Those who use power tools will then become more weary of their old-school nonSafe Stop table saw.

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