My notes

my notes
The catholic way that we are taught is that God created man and the universe. However, it’s more likely that we use god as a way of comfort for us to have unanswered questions like what is the meaning of life or why are we here it gives us comfort from not being able to answer these questions. I also believe the mystery is and the pursuit to answer this question is what fuels science and medicine as well as philosophy. The many new questions and answers to this continuing progressing world that we live in with different ways that we identify ourselves as. we see social media like Facebook growing to progress with this change. Identity in the Olympics we no longer gender testing to determine sexual identity. All writing is an argument even with yourself over something as simple as a grocery list. anything that you write down can constantly change with the progression of people over time and the audience that you are writing this too. Art as well has changed over time to redetermine what art is and how it classifies as art.

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