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Three parent baby
It seems counterintuitive that the UK allowing the use of two female eggs for artificial insemination is a battle of ethics. The procedure is still experimental; it is still a major stride in medical science. The use of two women’s eggs to make sure the child receives the best possible chance to not have any disabilities or defects due to a family trait or gene. This is a good start to make a world where cancer is a much less hereditary trait as well as many other things. This process allows them to use the healthy mitochondrial DNA. while people might hate the idea of “playing God” while many people worry only the rich will be able to afford it. While most likely the procedure will be very expensive and it will take some time for the price to come down. Eventually, it will come down and people will be able to afford it. This will result in a much lower overall birth defect rate this will also allow same-sex couples to have children with these benefits as well. This is the progression of science and the future of humanity.

2) Measles
It seems counterintuitive that Americans were not required to have vaccinations for a serious problem for their country but there were standards and serious regulations for them however there were few for Americans. There was also complete neglect for the major issue measles was for their country. Which is very unfair and a huge double standard. While I do agree with the testing and making sure everyone is safe and prevents the further spread of the virus.
I also find it ironic because most countries in the world are not allowing Americans without proper testing and meet safety regulations. This is a very unfortunate circumstance and some people would probably say deserved consequence. Countries like Australia have very strict policies to protect themselves from the spread of coronavirus and it has had a major effect on their case numbers have dropped dramatically. This situation provides a lot of perspective on how the fear of something can cause very drastic decisions to be made.

3) Ethics
It seems counter-intuitive that reporters who were sent specifically to document the events happening in Haiti. To be specific an earthquake took place in Haiti and along with the massive toll that it took a young girl named Fabienne Cherisma was shot and killed by the police when there were lootings. She was a symbol of all the issues of things going besides her own death. The condition the people were in, the massive injustice acted out by police officers when she was wrongly murdered, the mothers carrying injured children in tears.
Even the photos of her own mother in tears over the loss of her daughter when she was experiencing the worst pain a mother could possibly feel. These photos were to show the injustice and massive amount of pain and suffering that were taking place. While yes graphic and horrible they do help to gain a perspective as to what the people of Haiti were experiencing.

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