Tuesday september 15th notes 

there is no such thing as a bi-partisan legislator because there is not a group of legislators that share both different sets of values as an individual person however thay can be a part of a bipartisan group. 

Housekeeping: Naming Conventions: Please be sure to follow the format, “Assignment – Author,” for any and all blog posts. Also, make sure your categories coincide with your assignment and author name.

Stone money In his New York Times book review named “The Fiction that Makes the World go Round,” Richard Davies states, “The evolving paradox of modern currency is the central theme of Money, a sweeping new history by Jacob Goldstein.”Study  a one week long thousand word essay.  We began by using goods services for trade as a way of currency things like bread milk grains and other foods products  we later switched to to things like  gold silver 

The use of money has changed over the years 

Paper money was created from basically nothing and now has value to it

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