The Cruelest Show On Earth

It seems counterintuitive that circus’ would treat their show animals with cruelty, however it is more common than people think. These animals are constantly chained up and are not taken care of when they are ill. They are even shocked and whipped constantly. They are even put on 3 day train rides without any breaks.

For example, an elephant named Kenny was a show animal in “The Greatest Show on Earth” put on by the Ringling Bros. but unfortunately one day he had fallen sick. He had stomach problems after the morning show and after the afternoon show, he began bleeding from his bottom. He also started to struggle to even stand up. Under law, animals are supposed to get medical attention and a veterinarian’s approval before performing again. After looking at Kenny, the Vet said that he was not able to perform the evening show and prescribed him antibiotics. Unfortunately, they made Kenny perform anyway but he couldn’t do any stunts because he was too weak. After the show, they gave him some fluids and put him in his stall. Hours later, they sadly found his body in his stall. The U.S. Department of Agriculture charged Feld Entertainment with 2 violations for making Kenny perform when he was sick and could barely stand.

This was just one of many examples of how elephants are mistreated. There are tons of videos showing them being shocked and whipped. It takes a lot for the USDA to do something about it. Even that isn’t much by just fining them tons of money.

The Daily Shower Can Be a Killer

It seems counterintuitive that a daily shower could be thought as a very dangerous situation. For the elderly, if they slip and fall anywhere, it could hurt them a lot more than someone younger because of how fragile they are in their old age.

Thinking with paranoia is actually a very smart way to go through life. Pitching a tent under a dead tree seems like an okay thing however that tree could fall on you while you’re sleeping. It is a one n a million chance but it is definitely something that could happen. Driving is another situation since you have to watch for your own mistakes as well as other drivers mistakes. Even an uneven sidewalk could cause someone to slip and fall as their walking. Thinking with constructive paranoia can help people be aware of possible accidents and live their full lives.

Won’t You Be My Wireless Neighbor?

It seems counterintuitive that you would use your neighbor’s wifi networks as your way to get internet access. In a Brooklyn apartment complex, it’s an easy thing todo especially if all your neighbors have no password protect networks.

Paying for internet almost seems pointless if the neighbors have internet access in the next room. It should be set up where one neighbor on that floor pays for the wifi and everyone that lives on that floor chips in for it. It would save a lot of time and doesn’t require a technician to come out and install it a bunch of times. Hopping on to your neighbors network doesn’t have to be as bad a thing as people think.

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