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It seems counterintuitive that the city of Vancouver is providing the city’s worst heroin addicts with free heroin, even though the addicts themselves know that this will not help them to get off the drug.

The intention of providing the heroin for the addicts is at this point viewed as keeping the addicts from becoming violent, instead of trying to get them off of the heroin. It seems as if they have lost the original purpose of the program.

It comes off as being extremely odd that the city would give the addicts more heroin, instead of finding them a new treatment plan that doesn’t involve the drug that they are trying to break away from.

Even the addicts on the program realize that this is not working to help them get off the drug, and it seems that they are using the program as a way to get free heroin. It is also extremely concerning that the executive director of a addiction recovery society, Jim O’Rourke describes this program as a way of “killing addicts with kindness”.

It seems counterintuitive that people in Pakistan would carry out an attack, murdering five people who were simply trying to help to protect the people of Pakistan from the polio endemic present in their country.

As Pakistan is one of three nations that still have a serious issue with polio, there are some groups of people in Pakistan, and in the other two nations, who are against the vaccinations in fear of negative effects. The opposition of these groups makes it seemingly impossible to ever eradicate polio. It seems very contradictory to the point of public safety and health, that even with the increase in polio cases in Pakistan in 2012, many people still decided not to get vaccinated and that people would carry out these attacks.

With these killings it will cause people to not want to help with the prevention efforts, in fear that they will be harmed in some way. Less people helping would make the prevention much more difficult and more than likely much less effective.

It seems counterintuitive that someone would complain about there being a Pizza Hut and a KFC near the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Although, it is surprising to many how close businesses and other buildings are to these ancient monuments.

Even though they may seem like an eyesore, these restaurants would more than likely help the economy. The tourists traveling through the area would like to get something to eat, and having a type of food they are familiar with could make them feel more comfortable in a new place. Also, the restaurants are not the only buildings across from the pyramids and sphinx, so if there is an issue, it should not only be with the restaurants, but with the surrounding buildings as well.

It is much better to look at these restaurants as an economic advancement for the hungry people after walking all day rather than as an eyesore.

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