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It is counterintuitive that strict parents who aim for their children’s success can end up being the cause a a child’s anxiety, bad behavior, and can push them to suicide. In Chinese culture there is a social pressure to push children to be the best in every field and to strive for a professional career that meets above satisfactory standards. The authoritarian parenting style can help students excel in certain areas, but when children lose their freedom is also takes away their individuality. Despite customary beliefs parents are beginning to change the way they teach and find a balance between education and individuality.

It is counterintuitive that multivitamins are supposed to be beneficial to our health when in reality they are actually shown to not have any health benefits at all. In some cases people with underlying health issues are at higher risk for disease. People are more likely to get the nutrition they need from a healthy diet. To take it a step further, companies even market these vitamins in the form of gummies to appeal more to children. No only do the vitamins not have any positive benefits, but they were found to exceed the maximum daily limits of vitamins that could potentially cause health issues. People can not just assume that something is healthy just because a name brand corporation says it is so think twice the next time you reach for those tasty gummy vitamins.

It is counterintuitive that a program in Vancouver provides addicts with free heroin in order to keep the community safe. The program provides addicts with clean supplies, supervision, and of course, heroin. The program is not designed to cure addiction, it is designed specifically to prevent these people from ending up dead, or commit a felony. If they are able to get there fix legally by a doctor they are more likely to be able to contribute as an active member of the community. It seems very immoral to most citizens but there no denying that free heroin is a safer Vancouver.

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  1. goldin92 says:

    It’s very counterintuitive that other countries such as Portugal have all drugs legalized in order to protect the communities safe from the spread of it. The fact that its legal shows that people who overuse it will pay the price and the people who underuse it will respect its policy. People sell drugs illegally and have problems with drug trafficking all over the world, as when portugal legalized all the drugs they had a decrease in death and use caused by drugs. Its very counterintuitive that these things that are supposed to be harmful and bad for you are doing less harm when the rules are lenient to no rules at all.

    It seems counterintuitive to memorize facts, but it is the most important thing in the world to do. This is helpful in almost everything, especially in success in Math, Science, Politics, and many other different subjects and forms of life to recognize the truth from the false. Always remembering the truth from the wrong is the most important in life, although it might seem like a huge hassle to view life in that enclosed way. Doing it right away makes it so that you know right from wrong right when it happens, giving you the first advantage to life compared to everyone else who either learns wrong from right, or doesn’t learn anything at all throughout their entire life.

    It may seem counterintuitive, especially if you don’t have much money but buying a new car could save you money in interest. People always choose to do the option where it saves them the most money possible, as buying a car instead of leasing or paying little by little monthly might be choosing to spend more money than needed, you will be saving money in the long run through the interest that you would have paid. It may seem like your about to spend all your money on this one car, but if you chose to spend money every month rather all at once, you would have been paying more each time you pay, concluding that technically you lost money in your goal to spend the least money possible.


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