Broke Scholarships

The NCAA has made billions of dollars off of student athletes success. These hard working football and basketball player dedicate their lives to receive no type of wage. Scholar ships are pocket change given to athletes as the higher executives write themselves huge checks.

With the NCAA making well over a billion dollars on athletes success, it should make sense for the NCAA to pay their “Workers”. College football coaches get contracts worth tens of millions, while their counterparts get scholarships worth virtually nothing. With the athletes generating nearly 1 trillion dollars in the last 40 years, getting a degree and a well paying job would only account for 5% of their contribution. The word your looking for is slavery. although no one is being forced to do anything, they are enticed to work hard every year just to have the smallest chance to go pro. While all the executives and coaches are banking off of them.

University’s are supposed to be about getting an education, but for these big schools that make 8-9 figures on athletics they put pressure on the athletes to perform and the athletes wind up taking easy classes and most of the time pass classes they would of failed. The world we live in today is all about money. But as Americans we stand up for freedom and having someone else get paid for a job you do is not freedom. It is communism. Imagine working at your job. You have all the benefits an average job would offer. You always work to the best of your ability and constantly make huge sacrifices for your job. Then when pay day comes you have to give 95% of your check to your boss, because you have benefits and do not need the pay. This is what college athletes in the big division 1 schools experience. Greedy businessmen and women take advantage of their power to make themselves rich off of others talent.

Scholarships have grown increasingly worthless due to all these money savages, who are crazed on being rich and have no emotion to the hard working contributors of this booming business. Corporations banking on these players such as Nike and Under Armour, are not even allowed to endorse them. Which I do not think they care about that rule because it saves them a ton of money and they are not taking any of the fall during this controversy if things were to go right and players are paid. Only University’s will pay for it, but these big businesses are just as much in the wrong as they brand the players with their logo, and support the argument that they receive scholarships, so they don’t need pay. The Same companies that market their business as being for the players. Players show off their shoes and market their brand and in return big corporations don’t even pay them. These sharks steal from the poor to make themselves richer and they do it on a promise of a contract if they go pro. The big key word is If. Most college athletes in the top earning sports do not make it to the pro level, but they still put in just as much time and energy as the ones that do make it. These are the guys that no one seems to care about. After 4 years of grinding and generating your school millions, your left with a degree that is worth virtually nothing. No Special talent was developed because these schools pushed these kids through classes and pass them without them learning anything. Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants is a prime example of this. He would never go to class but then show up once for the exam and magically finish off with an A. Now most of these guys are extremely un- educated. I think that’s what the university’s want just so no one is smart enough to speak out against them, and it may have worked for years in the past, but this is a new era people are getting smarter and sticking up for themselves more than ever. This situation is almost identical to the situation in the catholic church, when they would charge you so you don’t have to go to purgatory. Then came along Martin Luther and just like Luther, players today are breaking away from the norm and standing up for what they believe. They will not let the rich and powerful university’s take advantage of them anymore and in the future we could very well see a shift in power. power to the people.

Its hard to argue that scholarships are moral . They were originally intended to give free education and housing to reward students for their effort. Now they are a fraudulent contract that were skillfully planned to look like they are doing the players a favor. These scholarships in relation to how valuable the players are to the school are worthless. The money flows toward the top and the bottom feeder players get nothing but a free education or even anything at all.


The Shame of College Sports

 Used Goods”: Former African American College Student-Athletes’ Perception of Exploitation by Division I Universities

I don’t know if I’m coming off as too aggressive in this argument.

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2 Responses to Definition–Wazoo

  1. davidbdale says:

    In answer to your question,Wazoo, yes, you’re coming off as too aggressive for someone who has not earned the anger.

    Now. Once you begin to provide the evidence that student athletes are being exploited, and that they’re not actually students at all, merely athletes, you’ll be in a better position to spend that capital.

    We’ll get you there a step at a time. But promise me you won’t call football players slaves and that you won’t call anything communism unless it reflects the economic system in which all citizens contribute to the common good to the best of their abilities and receive what they need in return, equitably distributed.

  2. davidbdale says:

    I see what you meant during our conference about your essay wandering out of Definition/Categorical territory into questions of causation and refutation. That’s fine for a first draft, but when you begin to revise, ask yourself some tough questions about what terms need to be nailed down.

    SCHOLARSHIP. Readers will be appreciative if you describe just exactly what a football player gets from his school in return for being on the roster. Is it always free tuition? Is it always free room and board? Are other costs of attending the school also included? Or are there full- and partial-scholarship packages that limit the benefits?

    SCHOLARSHIP TERM. One of your sources (or one I got to by starting at your links) offered the VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION that scholarships aren’t guaranteed, that many or most are good for just one year, that they disappear if the head coach doesn’t care for the player, or if a new coach “wants to run the spread offense” and the kid doesn’t fit the scheme. These are essential details that will change readers’ opinions about the value of a scholarship.

    STUDENT ATHLETE. Young men who are enrolled in college and get grades at the end of the semester would most likely be considered (defined as) students. But if they don’t attend classes, do homework, turn in papers, learn anything, or demonstrate their increased knowledge, ARE THEY STUDENTS? You need to bring some evidence beyond the anecdote about Shaquon Barkley that the varsity rosters are full of players who are just ATHLETES, not STUDENTS.

    COLLEGE EDUCATION. For those who manage to keep their starting positions in the lineup to the end of their senior years, a diploma will provide the evidence that they are educated. Or will it? If they were never STUDENT athletes, they’re presenting a fraudulent certificate to potential employers who will probably figure out pretty quickly that they didn’t learn anything at their alma maters.

    THE CONTRACT. If you know someone who is on a football scholarship, ask to see the document that spells out what’s being offered in return for what services. This one piece of evidence will provide important details you can share with readers who don’t fully understand the nature of the “employment” contract, if that’s how you think it should be categorized. (You were quick to categorize the situation as “slavery,” which I hope you’ll reconsider. The signing document will help you be more discriminating in your description.)

    Wazoo, does this help you recognize how much work you could put into clearly describing the terms important to your argument?

    If so, I’d love to hear it. If not, I need to know that too.

    Once you start producing language about these aspects of your thesis, I’ll help you DISGUISE that you’re writing a DEFINITION essay by concentrating on a provocative thesis for your first 1000 words.

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