How many people are going to continuing dying from sneakers? Increasingly, about 1200 people die every year because of sneakers according to  according to a video posted Nov. 14 by GQ magazine. These reasons involve robbery, jealousy, hate, and safety. Sneaker company’s owners have tried different ways to reduce the amount of death by changing purchase time. The first releases came out at midnight, changing them to mornings. Thinking that is going to be game changer when it comes to deaths, but owners realize that death are happening after purchases not during. Sneakers are starting to be valuable like money is for teens.

Sneakers for teens is seen has a safety measure. According to Dan Cherry an advertising executive in New York, he believes that the reason why teens are so obsessed with sneakers is because sneakers expresses their own individuality, not only this but also because teen would get bit up and called a dork if they don’t have a cool pair of sneaker. This is so important to know and acknowledge because this obsession is causing a high amount of deaths and financial problems.

Sneaker is a product that increase deaths making them so dangerous. Did you know that the victims of this tragic circumstances are mostly young African American black males?

The meaning of having sneakers before was to not be barefooted. having at least a shoe was amazing. Now they are looked at by their design and looks. In my case I love a $20 show that is comfortable than a $160 shoe that is hard from the inside. Teens are not even realizing how many people want a pair of choice and teens are worrying about the design and how it looks like.

Also, in this day’s teens are being obsessed with clothing and hats. Fights happening on the streets and school yards. Teens gangs are a big part of this. “It’s principally an ego-trip thing.” This means that for them the cool way of being in a gang is to have expensive things, so they steal. Like what happened to Mirik Nowak, “I was just coming out of a young driver’s course when I was jumped. Fortunately, I got away,” he said. “They ask for your jacket, they ask for your hat. It sorts of starts things off and leads to them beating you up.” Wearing things like this causes thugs to be around you all the time.

Something like this really happened to me. It was a summer day and I was riding bike by myself. That day in the afternoon I saw a big group of like 10 young teen boys, 4 with bikes and the rest walking. I started to wonder why the were looking at me so much and why the were separating and going different direction in a sneaky way. I started wondering that they going to beat me up and I started going home. When out of know where I see these two boys running towards me. I knew at this moment they were trying to steal my bike. I started going faster and finally I got home before they got me. This shows that obsession with fashion is rally began being violent. This ties in with the obsession with sneakers because sneakers also belong in the fashioned industry and people are getting in fights and problems because of this circumstance.

” Source Statistics Canada/ Staff illustration by Richard Johnson/ Charges double: *Violent-offence charges against youths increased to 855 per 100,000 youths in 1991, up from 415 in 1986. *Police laid 632 assault charges per 100,000 youths in 1991, up from 300 in 1986. *Much of the violence by children is against children – victims were aged 12-17 in almost half of all minor and aggravated assaults, and in about a third of sexual assaults and robberies. *Children under 12 accounted for 60 per cent of victims in sexual assault cases. People over 65 were victims in one per cent of violent youth crimes. Colin Price/ Lower Mainland teens face a new fashion risk: Violence. Vancouver’s Mirik Nowak (92-6804) (right) has dodged one attempt to steal his 49ers jacket. Fellow teens Rav Panesar, Zahra Khoja and Shelly Halliday (92-6804) (left) all have, or know of, similar stories. As for police, they blame a craze for status insignias, like the Bulls logo above. (92-6804);”

In both efforts, we don’t really know when this is going to stop from affecting millions of lives, or even if it they could because there is how to still no answer on how to reduce the amount of violence and death. Parents are afraid their kids might be robbed, while teens are just focus on not getting bullied at school or in the street. They say that at the end of the day a thug and getting bit up in school is the same thing, so for them is better to get robbed by someone than being bully every single day by the same people.

This obsession goes more beyond on just being an item. Now you could see sneakers as an important aspect in your life, specially teens.

According to Dan Cherry he believes that the sneakers show the identity that they teen has. Sneakers symbolize hip-hop, skateboarding, basketball, and more. This is one of the big reason’s teens must keep up because these things are trending now. All of this when it has to do with robbery or stealing and beating you up is a controversy that we are dealing with sense a long time ago. Deaths because of these reasons, is just a question that you will say to yourself how is this even happening?

At the end of the day there still nothing to reduce the violence and deaths of this obsession, but sneakers belonging in the fashioned industry explains why a tragic controversy is, because everything in the fashioned list that is trending now is causing a lot of violence. If you think about it a material came to be a weapon in this world. We could conclude that anything that is obsesses is dangerous.


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