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Jared Goff being the worst post season quarterback to represent an NFC West team in the Super Bowl is something that can’t be defined through sports writers opinions, but rather something that needs to be proved through numbers. Numbers that define his performance, his efficiency, and what he contributes to his team. The regular season statistics are irrelevant to his play on the post season, and will be ignored. In his 2 playoff appearances, I know that Jared Goff is the worst post season quarterback to represent an NFC West team in the Super Bowl.

The first thing to look at is Goff’s efficiency in the most recent post season, that just ended a little more than a month ago. Out of all 12 quarterbacks who took snaps, Goff placed 10th with a quarterback rating of 45.6. Quarterback rating is a statistic used by sports analysis’ that measures the entire performance of a quarterback, from how he’s done passing, rushing, the amount of turnovers he’s committed, and how many penalties have been called against him and is on a scale from 0-100. To put his 45.6 into perspective, Phillip Rivers led the league in post season QBR with a 78.4. Now with his 45.6 QBR, his best QBR this post season was against the New Orleans Saints with a 75.1. To put that into perspective, the best QBR in a game this post season was Tom Brady against the Los Angeles Chargers with an 87.2. Goff’s worst QBR in the three game post season span was an awful 13.5 in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. What these statistics show is that although he had the 4th best QBR in a single post season game, he had the 2nd worst in a single post season game. Although he was able to make it all the way up to the Super Bowl, he seems to be nothing but a liability on a talented team, who shows signs of decency but is ultimately holding them back.

It’s time to focus on Goff’s Super Bowl performance, and how it relates to past quarterbacks performances. For starters, he threw 38 passes and completed 19 of them, averaging 4.7 yards per pass. Just in a quick comparison to his opponent that game, Tom Brady threw 35 passes and completed 21 of them averaging 7 yards per pass. Although the attempts and completions are relatively close, the ‘yards per pass’ show us that Goff was tossing up much safer throws for significantly less yards. Neither quarterbacks threw a touch down in the contest, but Goff managed to commit a turnover with his 1 interception that was thrown with less than 5 minutes in the game, down 10-3, and on his opponents 27 yard line. The Rams were forming a comeback drive late in the game and he choked. Brady hauled the ball for 262 yards and Goff threw for 229 yards. Enough of comparing the two that competed against each other, lets take a look at the worst Super Bowl appearances by NFC West quarterbacks. The NFC West has represented the NFC in the Super Bowl 14 times. The Niners have 6 appearances, the Rams have 4, the Seahawks have 3, and the Cardinals stand at one. It’s only fair to compare Goff with the 2nd worst NFC West Super Bowl performance by a fellow Ram in quarterback Vince Ferragamo, who threw 25 passes for 15 completions, 212 yards, and 8.5 yards per pass with an interception during Super Bowl XIV against the dominant Pittsburgh Steelers. Although these stats seem very close, the thing you have to look at is the fact that Goff threw 13 more passes while only completing 4 more, and the fact that Goff’s yards per pass is nearly half of Ferragamo’s. Another brutal NFC West quarterback’s Super Bowl performance we can look at is Matt Hasselbeck’s in Super Bowl XL for the Seattle Seahawks. In a face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hasselbeck threw a whopping 49 attempts while completing 26 of them for 273 yards on 5.6 yards per pass, an interception, and a touchdown. With the amount of attempts Hasselbeck threw, he still managed to stay above 50% on completions at 53%. One thing Goff, Ferragamo, and Hasselbeck all have in common is that they all lost. But Goff’s loss to the Patriots is something both record breaking and embarrassing: he was the quarterback for only the second team in Super Bowl history not to find the end zone throughout the entire contest, and took part in the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever with a total of 16 points scored.

Finally, comparing Goff to a plethora of other quarterbacks may not seem like the best way to prove his worth to some people. So, instead, let’s define greatness and what it means to be “great”. James Arthur Ray tells us in his article “WHAT IS GREATNESS”, which was published on July 5th, 2015 that, “True greatness is the ability to achieve what you choose to achieve in the area you choose to achieve it; and to achieve it with excellence and a level of mastery.” This is truly something that Goff has not been able to accomplish. Both years that he’s made it to the playoffs, he’s either lost in the first round or sneaked into the Super Bowl and gotten embarrassed. Even in his rookie season the Rams couldn’t make it to the playoffs, but not all the fault can be put on Goff. Even with their team today, having one of the best young coaches the NFL has ever seen in Sean McVay, a top rushing yards back in Todd Gurley, and one of the most feared defenses in the league, Goff lacks to prove his greatness and more so shows his weakness. He has certainly not achieved any sort of greatness in his poor performances and most definitely has not achieved anything with excellence and absolutely no sort of level of mastery. He has achieved weakness in the fact that he makes it to the Super Bowl and posts one of the worst QBRs during that post season with a 13.5 and even proves it in the minutes that matter, throwing his interception with just under 5 minutes left in the game while trying to host a comeback drive.


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I would like to talk to you in class about my sources and how to properly cite them due to the fact that they are mainly statistics and only show me box scores. As for the football data base website, I went through multiple years and multiple games to pull statistics and wasn’t sure if you wanted me to pull the link after each time that I visited a tab with a different game, if that makes any sense. I’d be able to explain better in person tomorrow.

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